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denizayten wrote:

Punbb 1.3.4 , Turkish language pack


please add it to the wiki


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Switched On wrote:

The mercury 3 theme you have is rubbish. I know this. As i made it.

If i can find the damn usb for my external i will pm you with the finished version. smile

that would be cool.

any chance to re-publish your other themes?


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what do you think about putting them up to the (now empty) wiki?

they are from the italian site...


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i'm just fed up of broken links. i collected as much as i can.

dark oxygen:










mercury 3:


this is all i could save. the others are lost thanks to lost sites, broken download portals and nasty people removing links

additionally, the 3 infomer styles:


i donno whether it's by accident or by intention, but:

in admin_settings.php,

'Setup links': navigation menu
'Setup links info': navigation menu

'Registration rules info': navigation table

it may be better to be more coherent

it's self-describing. admin_settings.php:

'Visit timeout label'            =>    'Visit timeout',


'Online timeout label'            =>    'Online timeout',


'Error timeout value'            =>    'The value of "Timeout online" must be smaller than the value of "Timeout visit".',
Slavok wrote:

Thanks for reporting, fixed.

thanks! smile

Slavok wrote:

There is "be" in the lang file.

i mean...

"This should be used if the board needs to be taken down temporarily for maintenance."

it uses the string from install.php ('Default maint message') as the default maintenance message rather than the one in admin_settings.php ('Maintenance message default'). so it's either an unnecessary duplicate or a bug.

in the maintenance section:

"This should be used if the board needs to taken down temporarily for maintenance."

a missing "be" IMHO

Slavok wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion. A new key was added to the common lang file, we will update all official extensions.

wow, i didn't expect such a fast response

many thanks smile

now "Currently used extensions" is hardcoded into manifest files. one may replace that string manually, but that's ugly. please move this string into the translatable parts (lang folder) so that we can translate it to our own languages in the proper way.


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dera wrote:

thnx man, I'll try that..

                        Last edited by dera (Today 21:05:10)

you'll probably have to check out the language files only, the other files should be okay if you didn't edit them. you can check this out in notepad++ for example, in the format menu (the correct one is utf-8 without bom)


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dera wrote:

Is it anyhow possible to change the UTC8 now, because my forum was updated from 1.2 to 1.3 and now the letters žćčđš doesn't work which are important in my language

make sure that all the files your foum is using are encoded in utf8


i'm half part of the hungarian translator "team" smile

i've done my part, while the other part (the admin section) is in progress. so now the language pack is ready for use, since the part visible to users is translated already.

but now if i upload that, make it visible on the wiki page, and someone deploys it, how will he/she now if the language pack was updated so that he/she should download the new package and update his/her files? and what if i find a few typos or something like that ?

i'm asking for a simple thing (a new column), i think it would be useful and wouldn't hurt anyone, and takes about 5 minutes to do smile

what do you think? i just don't want to make changes to that page without being permitted to do so smile

Anatoly wrote:
coolhd wrote:

When I use change language in the installation of punbb 1.3, I get some error message.
There must be some language variable missing in "install.php" this language  file.

Fixed in http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/891.

Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed with hotfix, so will be included in 1.3.1 only.

interesting, coz i had the same problem on 1.3.2 with language files from 1.3.2. i will do some research on this later


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the current default theme is perfect as a default theme. the "Blue" one is quite good as an additional option ...


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Robur wrote:

I'll do the Hungarian...

FYI, we teamed up with Robur and are finishing the hungarian translation in the near future hopefully (i'm at ~half of my part)


anyway, there's a small error in topic.php and forum.php:

'No permission'            =>    'Sorry! no permission to post a reply',


'No permission'                =>    'Sorry! no permission to post new topics',


note the lowercase n in no


another one in topic.php is:

'Visit website'            =>    '%s Website',

it appears as Website, so I don't know what is %s used for


another one in post.php:


of course i can replace that string but i'm afraid it might still collide on certain displays. a better solution would be to let the line of string break after a certain limit so that it will surely fit. anyway, this kind of error occurs on other pages too


in profile.php

Once deleted a user and/or their posts cannot be restored.



in profile.php

'Avatar info size'            =>    'The maximum image size allowed is %sx%s pixels and %s bytes (%s KB).',

it is correctly kB smile


in index.php

'Currently online'            =>    'Currently online ( %s )',

this is quite lousy, coz it's untranslateable and nonsense if no user is logged in, eg:

Currently online ( 1 guest, 0 user )

it would make sense like

Currently online 1 guest and 0 user

and if there are users logged in:

Currently online 1 guest and 3 users, %users_list

or sg like that


in index.php:

'New posts title'            =>    'This forum contain posts made since your last visit.',

contains wink


one last thing: there's something fishy with installation. it is localized on the first page, but later it falls back to english (the sample post and all). i'll have to investigate this further, till then happy new year wink


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Jérémie wrote:
Rickard wrote:

What this means is that existing language packs are useless in 1.3. When the time comes for 1.3 final, it would be great to have a few additional languages available for download on the website. We would however appreciate if you could give us a few more days to tidy up some of the language files before you start. The new admin language file in particular, is a mess at the moment.

Feel free to tell us when the English language file is final, so we can start the translation to have them ready before 1.3 final smile

yepp, i also want to finish the translation work ASAP, so please let us know when it is due

Smartys wrote:

I don't know how useful it would be (or how much of a mess the output would be for some OSes). Also, how useful is that information for the average forum admin? I think if you need it in your case, you would be better off just adding it in wink

ok, its a matter of point of view. not even the display of os is that useful. anyway i tried out your idea tongue

--- admin_index.php    2007-01-31 00:33:46.000000000 +0100
+++ admin_index.php.patched    2007-01-31 00:33:48.000000000 +0100
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@
 <?php if ($pun_user['g_id'] == PUN_ADMIN): ?>                    <dt>Environment</dt>
-                        Operating system: <?php echo PHP_OS ?><br />
+                        Operating system: <?php echo PHP_OS." ".php_uname(r) ?><br />
                         PHP: <?php echo phpversion() ?> - <a href="admin_index.php?action=phpinfo">Show info</a><br />
                         Accelerator: <?php echo $php_accelerator."\n" ?>

admin pane, index, Statistics, Environment, Operating system.

i think it would be useful to use php_uname(r)  to display os release, too.

Rickard wrote:

I think the second error has to do with the fact that SQLite tries to create a temporary table where it doesn't have permission to do so. Google the error message and I'm sure you'll find something.

thanks i solved it. actually at the time of writing i was just playing around with this, but now i really need this and im a bit more into web serving stuff.

in my current setup i have user htdocs which i use to upload things to the docroot. htdocs user is in www group, which also includes the www user which runs httpd.

the permissions are setted up like this:
chown -R htdocs:www /var/wwwhtdocs
chmod -R 0750 /var/www/htdocs

then i got the access error again. after googling and playing around with it, i realized how to do the thing.

in upload dir where punbb files are

mkdir db
chmod 0770 db

now run the installer, with db in db/test.db. it successfully creates the database. the problem is discucced here

this is most likely caused by the fact that some versions of SQLite attempt to create a temporary file in the current directory. If that fails, because Bacula does not have write permission on the current directory, then you may get this errr. The solution is to start Bacula in a current directory where it has write permission.

thats why the installer (which is ran by user www) needs that 0770 on db dir. anyway the explanation above does not completely apply to our case since punbb doesnt need write permission on the _current_ dir but on the one that will contain the db file.

after install completed, it warns me to fix permissions on cache and avatar, i solved it and all was fine.

chmod 0770 cache

after first run it created a few new files

chown -R htdocs:www cache
chmod 0760 cache/cache*

after these there still remained a problem: anyone could download the db file by going to http://hostname/upload/db/test.db, so i had to copy the .htaccess file from cache dir.

i hope this will help someone setting up punbb. of course you have a different setup so you have to modify these steps.

program versions in my setup:

OpenBSD 4.0-stable
OpenBSD httpd (Apache 1.3.29 fork)

Ricard, i suggest you to update the installer doc to inlude some notes about the required permissions to create a new sqlite db.


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Smartys wrote:

No tongue
It's not a matter of right and wrong, it has to do with giving the user choice. With PunBB's way the user has choice, whereas the other way the user doesn't smile
Plus, as Connor also said, without javascript you would have invalid XHTML
And personally I don't think it's annoying to have to open a new window if you want one: I just hit Ctrl and then click to load a new tab tongue


what about a switch about this in the admin pane?


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Connorhd wrote:

there are lots of topics about this, basically
It is not valid xhtml strict to use target="_blank"
It is not desirable to force the user to open the link in a new window, if they want to open it in a new window, they can by middle or right click

ok it was just an example....

i think it is. a user who reads a thread usually dont want to leave the messages and then always go back to messages after finished browsing the site the link was pointing to.
and it is annoying to always right click - open link in new tab...

phpbb,vbulletin,ipb etc opens them in new window, punbb is the first one i met that opens them in the same window. couldn't i be right?


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i think it was much better to open posted links in a new window instead of the current.

and do this by default.

i saw a workaround here:

i know it's really easy, only need to add a target="_blank" supplement to the a href tag.