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Enable DEBUG mode in config.php


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Nice theme!

Forum language is english? Switch to english and try download again.
If the problem is solved then check localization. They do not use spaces or other characters (BOM-signature) before the <?php tag.


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2 leemore

KANekT wrote:

Enable in config.php

define('FORUM_DEBUG', 1);

define('FORUM_SHOW_QUERIES', 1);

and post bug/image with error here

КT-Mobile is the best choice!


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Trace wrote:

Open your languages folder (ex. lang/English) and find fille common.php

Find in it:

'Powered by'                =>    'Powered by %s, supported by %s.',

replace with:

'Powered by'                =>    'Powered by %s',


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reigyx_x, necessary to correct bb code parser. this is a very difficult task and there is no time to deal with right now.


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editing core files - the wrong way

$query['WHERE'] = 'username=\''.$forum_db->escape($form_username).'\' or email=\''.$forum_db->escape($form_username).'\'';


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Administration → Settings → Features
Jump to SC WYSIWYG editor section and edit  WYSIWYG Toolbar content

Maybe the server sends forum the same ip address for all users

need install pun_pm


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Copy over all files from original archives. Make backup files and database before copying.


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http://punbb.ru/topic3887-reliz-wysiwyg … -beta.html


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Are you sure that are using version 1.4.2?
Please show #193-206 lines from a file include/common_admin.php

This extension allows you to insert icons for forums in admin panel: https://github.com/downloads/ashcs/punb … _image.zip

see php error log


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I think South Africa is also has a community of spammers

May be json_decode function not supported  in your php installation?
Try add the following code into function.php to end file:

  if (!function_exists('json_decode')) {
    function json_decode($json) {
      $comment = false;
      $out     = '$x=';
      for ($i=0; $i<strlen($json); $i++) {
        if (!$comment) {
          if (($json[$i] == '{') || ($json[$i] == '[')) {
            $out .= 'array(';
          elseif (($json[$i] == '}') || ($json[$i] == ']')) {
            $out .= ')';
          elseif ($json[$i] == ':') {
            $out .= '=>';
          elseif ($json[$i] == ',') {
            $out .= ',';
          elseif ($json[$i] == '"') {
            $out .= '"';
          /*elseif (!preg_match('/\s/', $json[$i])) {
            return null;
        else $out .= $json[$i] == '$' ? '\$' : $json[$i];
        if ($json[$i] == '"' && $json[($i-1)] != '\\') $comment = !$comment;
      eval($out. ';');
      return $x;

        if (!function_exists('json_encode'))
            function json_encode($data)
                switch ($type = gettype($data))
                    case 'NULL':
                        return 'null';
                    case 'boolean':
                        return ($data ? 'true' : 'false');
                    case 'integer':
                    case 'double':
                    case 'float':
                        return $data;
                    case 'string':
                        return '"' . addslashes($data) . '"';
                    case 'object':
                        $data = get_object_vars($data);
                    case 'array':
                        $output_index_count = 0;
                        $output_indexed = array();
                        $output_associative = array();
                        foreach ($data as $key => $value)
                            $output_indexed[] = json_encode($value);
                            $output_associative[] = json_encode($key) . ':' . json_encode($value);
                            if ($output_index_count !== NULL && $output_index_count++ !== $key)
                                $output_index_count = NULL;
                        if ($output_index_count !== NULL) {
                            return '[' . implode(',', $output_indexed) . ']';
                        } else {
                            return '{' . implode(',', $output_associative) . '}';
                        return ''; // Not supported

use fancy_video_tag extension

kantribiotis: to disable extension open config and uncomment line:

//define('FORUM_DISABLE_HOOKS', 1);

then go to admin page and uninstall any extension

This is very strange, we will investigate this.
Usually only be removed spam, other questionable messages are moved to the trash.
Release of the extensions is encouraged, there is no justification for deleting the threads.
I hope this is a mistake, and not malice and I apologize for the trouble.

2 years ago I worked on this task for research purposes, it was the extension of hcs_shop.
In the process of work, I was faced with a problem. Punbb is not object-oriented, as is known.
The development of the extension of the functional paradigm threatened to turn into a nightmare.
To avoid the functional programming style and to obtain convenient tool for the development of extensions was created a new extension: developer_helper. In its essence it is a superstructure over Punbb. It allows you to develop extensions for punbb in object-oriented MVC style. There are several extensions built on it:
Image uploader
And the practice shows that it helps to solve almost any problem.
Now hcs_shop as shopping cart system  is an outdated, it is incompatible with the developer_helper. Nevertheless it may serve as the  source of information about the structure of data and information structure.
So, the main idea is the use of developer_helper.
If my English is bad for understanding, ask and I'll try to Google-translator replied clearer:)