vvik, please read this and reformulate your question.
Also, please use punscms forum at puncms


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pogenwurst wrote:

None of the in-site links are working for me.

Just out of curiosity, what's the point of hosting binaries for Gentoo? I thought its main advantage was building everything from source -- or are the binaries you're hosting binary by necessity (closed source)?

Gentoo has plenty of advantages, the easeness of making binhosts or rsync servers are of it's flexibility.
To me, some of the advantage of using emerge to compile your sources is compiling binaries for your processor architecture and to personnalise configuration of compilation (USE).

When i make an install on a machine which cpu is the same that the one used for compiling packages on the binhost and that USE flags i need is similar to the one used for compiling, it is really fast to get a good optimised system running, much faster than emerging system and apps alone.

About advantages of portages, there are many other, it's much simpler to make an ebuild than to make a deb or rpm. You can apply patches very easely with ebuilds and make security patched system running, use differrent compiling profiles for differrent systems.

You can join the binhost if you want to have a backup of your packages and configuration file.
I am testing an amd64 set of packages i made easely, getting xfce, apache, php, mysql, open office running optimised in a couple of hours.
Better users of gentoo can take advantages of this with extra security.

PS : I still need to clarify quality of sources and compilation, precise using binhosts is at your own risk etc ... and provide sources of binaries to respect GPL license, however, what do you think of the usage of punbb on this site please ?


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Hello everybody, skin is basic but it's a nice demo of what PunBB can do as a CMS/Blog ...
Gentoo Devangels : binhost

Don't hesitate to share bugs or use the gentoo binhost smile


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http://punscms.org/index.php?/PunsCMS/v … &id=21
Bugfix smile


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Thank you very much for your interrest in this work, it counts 5 persons interrested now tongue

pingme wrote:

It looks quite interesting! I don't know whats your plan, but I am keenly interested in something like article manager where posts can be displayed as multipage article (similar to GARS for VB)

Will this be a feature in near future?

What exactly do you mean please ? The possibility to use two columns for little blocs ?
I was on training this week, but next week, I will work 20 to 30 hours on PunsCMS smile
Please register on punscms.org if you want to be informed by email wink


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This looks very good, but this page is not really readable with custom gecko default css (for light-on-dark themes), i think that you should add css to precise that text need to be back on the PunBB forum smile


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pingme : thank you for your interrest and your feedback smile credit added in credits file (0.4 | 0.3.5 if anyone is interrested in this)
(sysadmin emerged up to date PHP in the night, php.ini was changed)
Switched to :

zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = Off

It seems to work, maybe this causes issues with Puntal classes.

Anyone installed this or have any feeling about this project ? is there anybody that is interrested in a release of 0.3.5 (PunBB administration ported to Puntal PunsCMS module administration) ?

Thank you for your future feedback.


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$num_replies = mysql_result($result, 0) - 1;


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Please try the following query :

// Added a %s
$insertSQL = sprintf("INSERT INTO pbb_posts 
(poster, poster_id, poster_ip, poster_email, message, posted, topic_id) 
VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s)",
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['poster'], "text"),
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['poster_id'], "int"),
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['poster_ip'], "text"),
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['poster_email'], "text"),
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['message'], "text"),
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['posted'], "int"),
                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['topic_id'], "int"));


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PunsCMS is out, it allows making a blog or a CMS (front page differs) from your Puntal and PunBB installations, doesn't affect database structure nor PunBB files in PunBB installation directory.
More information : PunsCMS
3.1 release is a matter of hours (integrates PunBB admin panel into Puntal, by patching and copying the admin files into a random named folder wich name is stored in database).
Please give me feedback about  PunsCMS.
A full  PunsCMS package (with credits where it is due of course) will be avalaible when Puntal 2 reaches stable.


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Hello everybody, i wished to introduce PunsCMS.

Features :
1) Copies and patches PunBB files so it look like a CMS,
2) Works as a Puntal module,
3) Allows easier url_rewritting,
4) Admins and Mods can use TinyMCE to post discussions or messages,
5) Makes PunBB to look like a serious CMS to guests
6) Open source, lightning fast, allows easy modules and blocs programming ...
7) Does not require to dig in PunBB, Puntal or PunsCMS code !

Demo and download : PunsCMS


thank you for your support.

here is the "body part" of the main.tpl file i use :


<div id="main">

    <div id="punwrap">
        <div id="pun<pun_page>" class="pun">

            <div id="summary">
                <pun_include "summary.php">

            <div id="content">





here are the css elements :

margin-left : auto;
margin-right : auto;

float: left;
width : 15%;
\width : 15%;
w\idth : 15%;

margin-left: 15%

this :
\width : 15%;
w\idth : 15%;
i don't understand, it was generated by an online css layout generator.

1) the summary and the content <div> can't align horizontally ...
2) when i use :

<div id="brdheader" class="block">
    <div class="box">
        <div id="brdtitle" class="inbox">

the 'block' extends to the bottom of the "summary" <div>.

any idea please ?