never mind.  I just went and changed the name of the index.php and that is stopping for spamming..Thank God

I tried to install the stop bot extension and like every onther one It don't seem to work.  all seem to be bad compressed files and I keep getting hit with spam.  So How do I turn my forums off for a few days.  I even tried to do the midnight style and that's not showing up.

what if you want to add a new link.  I would like to add a home link that will take users back to my home page


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Where do you find the styles at?


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I would like to know where to change the theme of my BB.  I want it to match the layout of my page and theme.  I'm building a web site according to weight lifting  and health. 

  Also I tried to download the extensions you have and every time I try to unzip it tells me the files are not complete.