Smartys wrote:

Shouldn't be too hard, lets see
viewtopic.php, edit.php, delete.php: you'll need to edit the query that gets topic info so that it gets the topic poster and then compare that to $pun_user['username'] in $is_admmod

sorry, it is real in table topics there are no poster_id ? only poster nickname ?


I already deside to patch the forum for create this permission

And to create friends list mode. (I dont find it)

Gizzmo I want to seek in calendar using forum search or another search

MadHatter wrote:
mdounin wrote:
MadHatter wrote:

I'm interested in knowing how your vanilla smtp server is going to be smart enough to post a message to a web site.

The smtp server in question supposed to support standard unix command aliases, as sendmail/postfix does.

Rewriting original question from zerok:

Is there some working solution for forum posts by email (or at least replies to forum by email) or it should be written from scratch?

what does sendmail/postfix command aliases have to do with opening up a socket, formatting the output of an email into http and sending that data to the punbb webserver when an email has been received?

you may have better luck connecting to the database directly and inserting the records there as opposed to interfacing the website UI.

sendmail postfix open perl script (or php script) and send as pipe a message from user (e-mail message),
php script parse message deside to add it to mysql base in table of posts in forum what it need.

dirtybobby wrote:
zerok wrote:

I want to give my register users a permission to delete post on own topic
what file I need to path ? or possible it is any mod for it ?

you'll find that option as a radio button in the Permission settings, in your Admin page..  i'm pretty sure it's there, anyway - i turned mine off the other day, so it definitely exists somewhere in the default installation..

I have not this option

only :
posting options
signature options
moderators options
registation options

If any dont understand
user create topic other user reply to him in this topic
I what to give user permission to delete post other users in his topic

where user is not moderator

I want to give my register users a permission to delete post on own topic
what file I need to path ? or possible it is any mod for it ?

MadHatter wrote:

what smtp server are you going to use to post the reply to the web server?  you have authentication to worry about too, besides sending forum and thread, you need to authenticate users who post, so all of that needs to both be sent to the mail recipient and received by your mail server.

I want to use perl script to read forum e-mail
I have stand alone server

forum can subscribe users on topic
so if I change this module to have right  "reply to" and some another as mail password to public (as hach or md5 of password) in body of letter, may be in first line ?

I think I need some address - *
or another method to choose forum as one address and first line or subject - as forum path

I want to parse e-mail from user and post it in forum

I try to find some mod that posted messages to forum reading email from users and post it into forum

What about it?

We need to convert vBulletin 2.2.8 -> punbb

it is difficalt to upgrade vBulletin to 3.0.0 and later
Now I do it as convert to IPB and then to punbb.

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Zevs wrote:

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