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I tried with an other url scheme : folder based fancy. I managed to enable the url rewriting, but if I try to rename a file, I get a 404 error.
Where can I find a tutorial about url-rewriting in PunBB , please ?


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Thank you. I did it ! I am always shy with url-rewriting. I tested the default scheme, and it has no effect to spammers, I will try the other ways.


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Hello !

I would like the ability for the administrator to change the name of the sensitive files, such as register.php, login.php, post.php.
The spamming bots learns that when they meet a PunBB forum, they can send automatic registration requests with register.php. If they do not find this file immediately, the bot may quit the site and never come back. Moreover, if the administrator modified the file's name, a request for register.php can be only a spam from a bot and could be automatically banned by the forum.

I am no coder, but I have used such technics in other CMS. Please be so kind as to explain me if such an idea is stupid or dangerous or impossible or if such a feature already exists in PunBB or an extension.
Thanks for taking the time to read me.

PS : I know about captcha features to prevent spamming, it is not what I am inquiring about today.

Here are my first extensions translations to French : 14 for a beginning.

Files or images : I cannot use them, when trying to upload.

- Images : folders and sub-folders are created, the picture is at the right place, with the right chmod 644, but cannot be used immediately in the message, since the popup disappears and i do not know its address.
- Files : folders and sub-folders are also created, but nothing is uploaded and the folder remains empty.

URL is in your private message.

Add the @, but not change :
file is uploaded with correct chmod, but still cannot use it immediately in the post

With a new test, I see that the pictures are correctly uploaded with the right chmod : 0644. Great !!!!
But I cannot use them immediately, because the loading popup (the square with black background) disappears.
In order to use them, I must  fetch the picture url via ftp and use the image insertion icon.

I tried, but it does not work.
Here are lines 102 - 103 -104 now in my loader.php file

                    $new_image = $dir_of_image.$base_name;
                    chmod($dir_of_image.$base_name, 0644);
                    list($width, $height) = getimagesize($new_image);

I can choose the file in the loader, but it disappears at the moment when I click on the choosen image.
Then the folder is correctly created with the right chmod, but it is empty : no file in it.

Without this modification, the file is indeed uploaded, but it has a too low chmod (604)

My main sites and domains are hosted at 1&1 in a cheap shared hosting package.
The files created with a php command, such as the images uploaded with pan_uploader are granted a 604 chmod, which is not enough to use and display them. A minimum 644 chmod is needed and I found no soluce by the hoster help technician to enable it. But he spoke about the php command : CHMOD that I could iimplement in "my" script.
I tried to grasp what was explained there :  http://php.net/manual/fr/function.chmod.php but did not understand what could be done and where.  Remember, that I am no coder ...
Note : Chmod for folders are OK.

Hello !
Back with this chmod problem.
Is it possible to grant a chmod 644 to new files via a php command ? This could help me use Pan_uploader with my main hosting provider.

That is perfect, thank you.
Don't you think that this option should be the rule ? (I mean debug info visible only to admin)

I downloaded a 3rd time the whole site and launched a search with Handy File Tool http://www.handyfiletool.com/  looking this time for the letters "inscrire" and I found 2 more occurrences that had not been modified.

I finally got it ! How can I close or delete the topic ?

Sorry, I understand this morning what you meant.
I downloaded the whole site and looked with Handy File Tools for the string S\'inscrire.
I found 2 of them in the french lang file common.php. I corrected them. Deleted the cache files.
But the old string is still displayed in the menu.
I downloaded once more the whole site, searched every file for this string and it is nowhere to be found ( I use sqlite3, if it is of interest)

Sorry for my poor explanation.
There is no problem with a backslash.
I modified the text to Inscription instead of S'inscrire.
But the old version of the lang string keeps being displayed.
And I cannot find any "S'inscrire" in my lang files.

No, no ...
The clear-cache button is displayed only to administrator.
But it can be displayed only if Debug Mode is enabled.
And if Debug Mode is enabled, some debug info is displayed in the footer.
And this debug info is displayed to anybody. I think that Debug info should be displayed only to administrators.

Good evening !
I modified the content of a lang string in French, replacing S'inscrire (register) with Inscription (registration).
But the old word is sticky and the new one is not displayed. I have overviewed all lang files in French and "s'inscrire" is nowhere to be found anymore.
I tried with an other computer, I emptied the cache and still cannot see the new version of the lang string.

Is there a delay for modification to take place ?
Thanks for any answer.

In order to use the Clear Cache button without displaying to public the debug infos, I had to fork the footer.php file. Which is rather stupid, I admit.

In order to use correctly this clear cache function, it could be interesting to separate its display from the other debug info in the footer. Is the Clear Cache extension still maintained ?

And may I ask why the debug infos (when enabled) are displayed to anybody and not only to the administrator ?


Hello !
Pan_Uploader does a perfect job now, with my other hosting provider.
The old one refused to grant sufficient chmod (644) to the newly uploaded files, and with only 604, the images were uploaded in the correct folder, but could not be used unless I corrected the chmod via ftp. Not really easy.

Now, everything is all right, you may add to the description that this great extension was tested with the following browsers in their latest version : PaleMoon, Vivaldi, Opera, Edge (for Windows10) and even the native Android browser on my smartphone : I was able to take a photo and upload it immediately to the forum. Of course, this sounded so easy that I restricted strongly access to Pan_Uploader features. And now guests and new members do not even see the Pan-Uploader icon.

Thank you so much for this add-on.

I have a question now. I want the uploaded photos to be displayed centered in the message. I did not see any possibility with BBcode, so I tried via the CSS, but did not succeed. Can you help, please ?

Hello !
This Clear Cache extension does the job correctly even on PunBB 1.4.4. Thank you very much for this development.
But the command is displayed (for the administrator) only if one enables debug mode in config.php.

And if debug mode is enabled, the following information is displayed to everybody :

Généré en 0,027 secondes, 91 requêtes exécutées

How can I hide this info to visitors and display the ClearCache command to administrator ?


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Thank you for your expert answer.
I had never heard about this. And does not understand a lot about what is explained on the provided link. I am no coder.
I just do not want to loose my visitors or disturb their browsing. So outward links on my sites should open in new tab/windows .
If the danger comes from a possible malevolent script located on the original site, I know that all is clean on my side.
And that I can use links in _blank on my site keeping my visitors safe.
If the danger comes from a script located on the other site or on the visitor computer, I do not know what I can do.

Can you provide a soluce ? Would the suggested

rel="noopener noreferrer"

added to a link in _blank make the code safer ?

Yesssss !!!


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In footer.php, I suggest to modify the 2 copyright links adding


so that the forum does not loose its visitors

Hello !
I made a new png icon, gave it the same name as the default orange one and replaced it in the theme via ftp.
But the orange picture is still there. I emptied the cache, visited the site with an other browser. To no avail : the orange things is sticky. I want my black and red rss icon !
How can I do ?
Thanks in advance