I installed Pan Uploader 0.3.1, but I see no difference with previous, sorry ... Same issues as before.

Answer by MP.

PS : Is there a way to view or receive an alert when one receive a new MP ?

Well ... even if its not safe, it's what is required to display an image, otherwise, you get an error 403 (requires authorization)

I deleted the upload folder, then modified the functions.php file, turning every 0700 I met into 0777. To no avail : the folders created in the new upload folder (and sub-folders) are still with a 700 chmod, while the individual files are 604. If I do not modify the chmods via ftp, they will not change. Even the folders created via my admin panel at my hoster are useless, since fitted with low chmods. Every time I have to use the ftp protocol to fix them. Host is 1&1 in Germany, with a shared server.

Now, with the new extension (June 28th), display is somewhat modified on admin side :
- the 2 error messages are still there if nothing has been uploaded.
- I can see the 1st uploaded image listed in a table, with its url that I can copy,  but with an error message about time zone :
(the same kind  I had with the attachment extension)

Strict Standards: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'Europe/Berlin' for 'CEST/2.0/DST' instead in .../extensions/pan_uploader/images.php on line 195 28.06.2016 14:12 → 10.7 kB →

At this stage, I cannot use the image in the forum, though I can see it exists via ftp : I must chmod, manually beforehand.

Now I am going to chmod manually, recursive mode the folder uploads to 0777

And then I can display the image on the forum.

Okie !!! Also, I am running a new test, for was not aware that I had to install the update from the administration panel, on not only replace the files.
There are some changes, but everything is not running correctly, yet. I come back in minutes to provide a new feedback.

Thanks for this quick update. Sorry for my quick and direct speech, I do not mean to be rude or critical, just factual. wink

For the lang file, I am not authorized to upload any file here.

For the new release, it's worse than the previous one. Every problem is the same as described yesterday. Moreover, I was not able to use the newly uploaded image on the forum, even If I can see it in ftp. Images uploaded yesterday are usable.

I had to chmod also the new image to 777, while I had configured yesterday the parent folders to this value. It means that (at least on my server), every new folder /file has to be given chmod individually if it is created by a php command. It will not be really practical.

Thank you. I'm ready to test whenever you want, if I can be of help. Do you want my French file ?


Thanks for the answer. And thanks for reading the long post below, related to my first test of this extension. I hope it is the place and way for a feedback.

I installed every thing on my forum (1.4.4, sqlite3) : the 3 dependencies extensions and pan_uploader.
I had to chmod to 777 the whole folder /upload, recursive mode, ie including every sub-folder and file included, otherwhise, I could not use the image in the forum. (error 403 : access to file required authorization)

I translated the lang file to French (if you want it, just ask), but some English strings remain and I do not know were to look (maybe in an other extension not yet translated ???) : at the bottom of the upload  popup :

Image: (gif,jpeg,jpg,png), max width 700px, max height 500px.
Fichiers: (zip,rar,pdf,epub), max size310Ko.

When I open the first time the image or file manager panel, before uploading any image/file, I get 2 error messages  one at the top of the page

Notice: Undefined variable: all_items in /.../extensions/pan_uploader/files.php on line 40 Notice: Undefined variable: num_files in ...e/extensions/pan_uploader/files.php on line 51 Notice: Undefined variable: num_files in .../extensions/pan_uploader/files.php on line 54 Notice: Undefined variable: num_files in .../extensions/pan_uploader/files.php on line 55

one just above the alert "No file (or image) uploaded

Notice: Undefined variable: all_items in .../homepages/18/d149996993/htdocs/place/extensions/pan_uploader/files.php on line 126 Notice: Undefined variable: result in .../extensions/pan_uploader/files.php on line 153

After I uploaded an image, the error messages disappear (in image manager panel), but  the image is not listed in this page , it says : No uploaded images, even if I can see the uploaded image in the correct folder via ftp and even if I was able to use it in a forum post.


I did not found how I could find easily the url of an image that I just uploaded in order to use it on the forum. I managed to do it only because I had access to ftp ...

PanBB.Ru wrote:


Dependencies :
pan framework

What does "dependancies" mean ? Are these add-ons compulsory and must be installed before Pan Uploader ?


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Yessss !!!
You are the best ! The problem was with the sub-folder. I moved the forum at the root of my hosting place, on the save level as the main site. It seems to be in working order now. I changed only the url in config.php. And I did not need to modify the htaccess file. That could have been necessary to redirect my numerous users to the new url. But it is still in beta-test and there are only 5 of us. I will just have to modify the url of the pictures and we are nearly ready to make the forum public.
Thanks to your help.


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It's what I entered, but it does not work.


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Well thanks for your answer, I did not know where to look.

1st url was : mysite.com/forum, I want it as forum.mysite.com

I just modified config .php, but it does not change a thing : the url with sub-domain keeps being redirected to url with sub-folder.

My data base in sqlite3.


I cannot find in the administration panel where I can change the url of the site.
When I installed the forum, I specified an address as a subfolder of the main site and I want now an address as a sub-domain.
The sub-domain is now created, it is redirected to the proper folder. But when I enter the sub-domain, the address in the address bar is changed to the old address (sub-folder)

Is it possible to modify the url ? I did not find how in the administration panel. Should I modify anything in the root htaccess ? Must I re-install the forum ?

A little help is welcome, please.

Thank you in advance.


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Well, it's an official extension, on an official list of extensions for PunBB 1.4x, on the official PunBB forum. And it can run correctly. I did not notice it was not supported any more. It's not written anywhere. For someone like me new to PunBB, the present forum should be the first place to get information. Even if I browsed your PunBB International forum with a great interest.
Thank your for all the advices you provide. You are very helpful.


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I met an issue with the time zone.
Error message above the post with attachment

Strict Standards: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. ...

So, I added


on line 6 of attach_func.php

No more error message and the date displays correctly.

I do not understand why the extension does not take into account the time-zone setting entered in the general configuration of the forum.


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Hi ! I am trying to translate to French, but have no idea what salt keywords is about.
"Some more salt keywords, change if you want to", says the lang file.
Can anyone explain to me ? (I know about keywords, but "salt" ???)
Thanks in advance


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Thanks. I will wait patiently.


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Hello !
Bugs are persistent with PunBB 1.4.4. Is this valuable extension meant to be updated, please ?

Here is my error message, that I do not understand :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'text' (T_STRING), expecting ';' in /homepages/18/XXXX/XXXX/XXXX/forum/include/parser.php(811) : runtime-created function on line 1

Thanks in advance.

Edit : after I disabled the extension, the post entered via the wysiwyg extension can be displayed, even with minor errors.

I am currently translating some extensions to French, in case anyone is interested. My progress is slow, but I am used to this kind of job.

Thank you !!! I was able to create the 2 new members via the add-member extension. I hope they will succeed now. I would have preferred to be able to enter their password too.

Hello everybody !
I installed a new PunBB. 1.4.4, sqlite3, php7.

Users begin to register. Some meet issues with the registration.

After clicking on the link to validate their email address, they cannot even enter the password for the fist time and they are welcomed with an error message. Maybe they did not notice that their user name was case sensitive, I don't know. But they now are stuck in a kind of in-between, a no-mans land, not registered completely, but not able to try a new "first mail validation", since it says that the ticket is not valid anymore. And they cannot start again the registration, since an error message says that the email already exist.

I would like to help by using the add-member extension. But, I can't because "email already exists", even if the member is not truly registered.

How can I clean the temporary files, I mean deleting the temporary pending profiles ?

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you very much !
Everything is OK now with php7

Version de PunBB

    PunBB 1.4.4

    Système d’exploitation: Linux
    PHP: 7.0.7 - Voir les infos
    Accélerateur: Sans objet

Base de données



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Hello ! Under what delay do you intend to support php7 ? Every script I use support it, but I have to specify 5.6 for the sub-domain with a PunBB. It's not a problem, I can settle the problem this way. I just wanted to convey the error message I met.

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; DBLayer has a deprecated constructor in /homepages/xx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/forum/include/dblayer/sqlite3.php on line 16

Hosting service is 1&1 if this can be of help.

Thanks for everything. Forgive my basic question, I am just a beginner with PunBB.