the main reason is i didnt know how to do it lol

ive got a digg this post. dunno if its any good to you or not

find <div class="postfootright"> around line 336 

after add

<div style="float:left;"><img src="" width="10" height="10" alt="Digg!" /> <a href="*YOUR FORUM URL HERE*/viewtopic.php?pid=<?php echo $cur_post['id'].'#p'.$cur_post['id'] ?>&title=<?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['subject']) ?>">Digg It</a></div>

seems to do the trick

well its fine now, but other people have seen the problem, and it happened on ie. it didnt happen on here or punres either.
the url is if you want to have a look.

hopefully its sorted itself out though

the edit, quote, del etc link that are usually aligned right in the postfootright div are for some reason now on the left, and i cant figure out why.

ive uploaded a new base.css tried the old one, but nothing.
it says in it
DIV.postfootright, P.multidelete {TEXT-ALIGN: right}

so i dont understand whats going on

work for me, meh < new upload

faax's one is propably better anyways though XD

ive had the chatbox on the index for a while and the day i eventually get round to posting it on here someone else has beat me, but as his download isnt working i may as well anyway. lol

this adds the chatbox between the forums and the user info. the iframe can be stuck anywhere though.

upload file to revelant places.
chatheader.php chatfooter.php and chatbox_small.php to /
chatsmall.tpl to /include/template

in index.php find 
<div id="brdstats" class="block">

before add
<br />
<iframe src="chatbox_small.php" height=261 frameborder=0 width=100% scrolling=no></iframe>
<br />

files here -
done by modding the ajax mod of the chatbox.
refresh and del work, the word chatbox provides a link to the full screen one and it has 2 min auto-refresh

im sure there are easier ways to do it, but meh, it works

and yes i know he has a new one out....

i installed this, works fine on the register page.
but after the user clicks submit it produces a error where the code has been added to the header.

does it not work properly with 1.2.12?

edit - my bad. got it fixed now.
script is spot on. great stuff.

i have posted over at punres but no one seems to be able to help or they are ignoring me lol.

anyways, ive installed the Mark topics as read 1.1.3 mod but cant get it to work properly on my forum.
the index page registers topics as read and changes the pic/symbol, but its not working in the viewforum.php.

would any other mods ive installed conflict with it as cause this problem?
mods installed are arcade 1.1, Easy BBCode 1.0.1, Easy Poll 1.1.3, easy smilies 1.0.5, PBB ChatBox 1.0, Private Message Mod 1.2.2, punuploadextra 1.1, skype profile extension 1.0, xfire profile extension 1.1, and Spoiler Mod 1.0.1
and im running pun 1.2.12

any help would be much appreciated smile

just a quick question, when i use this does it convert the current phpbb db or will in create a new db for punbb copying the data?
so if anything goes wrong will the phpbb forum still be intact and useable?