Sweet! Thanks for the information. I guess this means I shouldn't have any complications when I switch my PunBB installation over to the new server. big_smile

According to several things[1] which I have read on Apache's website, it seems that using $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] to detect a web site's root on its server within server-side applications is "bad practice." After reading this, I was worried that my slightly-enhanced Apache configuration, which makes use of VirtualDocumentRoot (destroying DocumentRoot's "reliability"), would screw-over my favorite PHP applications, like PunBB. (This assumption comes from the fact that I have seen a handful of PHP applications rely on $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] in the context described above.) As such, I began glancing over a tad bit of the PunBB sourcecode, looking to see if any problems may arise. As soon as I opened up index.php, I noticed that PunBB uses the following method to assign PunBB's root directory:

define('PUN_ROOT', './');

This method, if I am not mistaken, should not conflict whatsoever with the lack of a "valid" DocumentRoot. Am I right? (I am assuming that if $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is not used there, it is not used anywhere else for this purpose.) I have not gotten the chance to transfer my PunBB installation over to the server which is using this new Apache configuration, because I am still finishing up some of the changes on the configuration and whatnot; as such, I am merely trying to check ahead of time before I get too far.

[1] See: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/vhosts … l#overview and http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=26052

Smartys wrote:

There were two implementations of the poll mod, but one was dropped as soon as the other was created (the first one was in beta when the second came out). I don't know about clones of the private messaging mod.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I have seen clones/variations of other mods that seem to be about the same, though, and it just seems counter-productive to me (it's been a _while_ since I've looked at PunRes, though, I'll say that much). Perhaps I'll check it out again and see how the mods are coming along. With this whole "extensions" thing on the horizon, perhaps leaving private messaging and polling out of the main forum suite is a good idea; I mean, if adding them becomes a simple (semi?) automated procedure, it might actually break things apart for the better, not the worse.

Rickard wrote:

I agree that having more than one extension or mod or whatever is a bad thing. We will make sure that doesn't happen with the most important extensions.

That's very reassuring. I'm glad that you guys actually put some time and effort into PunBB, it really shines through, unlike with most other alternatives. Oh yeah, and thanks for clearing up whatever I was confused about earlier with the Admin situation, I should have considered the fact that administrators can see the other forums anyway. Off I go for sleep, finally. tongue

Eh, the deal with "officially supported" is it'd be nice to see everyone agreeing to work together on one good implementation of private messaging and polls. Seeing three or four clones flop over the same goal is pretty stupid, and that's what it mildly looked like to me last time I checked out PunRes.

As for the administrator issue, I am tired and muddling up my goal here. I think having multiple moderator groups will solve the problem. The issue I'm dealing with is quite like what you described, with holding "private" forums for specific groups, and all.

EDIT: My, aren't we active this morning? Two replies as I was editing/typing mine.

I dropped my extension rant from my last post because I went back and finished the 3rd page, and noticed almost everyone's buzzing over it still. I'm not too hard pressed for either of those issues, because quite frankly I'd take PunBB 1.2 over any other forum system, regardless of whether it had those features or not. Also, if we can all agree on some extensions being sort of "official," perhaps more people (i.e. me) would be willing to contribute to them if necessary.

Elzar wrote:
Rickard wrote:

One potential change regarding the tpl files is that each style will have its own set of tpl files.

Is that likely to affect performance?

One of the reasons i dislike phpBB is the endless template files...

Agreed, agreed, AGREED! I totally despise phpBB's method for working with templates. It's far too over-complicated. PunBB is simple to the point where you can drop it in with the rest of your site and, within minutes, customize it to fit in up-to-par with the rest of your website.

If a developer's skipping across this message, I have a serious idea that is not related to either private messaging or polls: is it possible to ship 1.3 out (whenever that day may come) with support for managing multiple administrators (perhaps with groups, but ideally on a user-by-user basis)? I know that you guys have been working on support for managing multiple moderator groups, so I figured throwing this out there was kindof in the same vicinity. I have toyed with creating a plugin to do something similar to this (multiple administrator and moderator groups), but I feel that I should wait for 1.3 to hit before I get too wrapped up in it, considering 1.3 may alleviate a lot of my pain in this department. If there's no hope for this, oh well, at least drop a reply so I will know not to abandon my plugin just yet. tongue

At any rate, off I go for sleep, it's 9:50 AM here and I have yet to sleep. Thanks for all of your hard work, contributors of PunBB; Rickard, especially.


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grudon66 wrote:

no,a punbb server to my forum i hav forum on mypunbb

You speak in riddles. Can you be more clear...?

Excellent. Thank you very much for the prompt and informative response, pogenwurst. I am not too familiar with how the mods are moderated over a Punres (i.e. quality control), so I will probably continue working on my mod--especially since 1.3 may take a while for Rickard and everyone else who contributes to finish it up.

The topic should read: "Is it possible to have a member in two groups at the same time (or custom moderator groups)?" I tried to shorten it without making it misleading; hopefully everyone is on the same track (my point is that either method would sort of work close enough to the same, though the former would work best). Anyway, onwards to the question!


After fiddling around with the administrative controls and searching through the documentation for a while, I was unable to find a quick solution for managing my users' privileges so that they could flex to meet my needs.

What I am looking for is a little hard to describe, but I have managed it before with other forums; here is an example of what I mean:

User A needs to view forums 1 and 2.
User B needs to moderate forums 1, 2, and 3.
User B needs to view forums 1, 2, and 3.
User C needs to view forums 1, 2, and 3.

Group Foo can moderate forums 1, 2, and 3.
Group Bar can view forums 1, 2, and 3.

User A is a member of group "Members".
User B is a member of both group "Foo" and "Bar".
User C is a member of group "Bar".

The problem is that I cannot join user B into two groups at the same time, and I am not sure of any alternatives.

I have started writing a plugin to provide this type of functionality on an extremely narrow basis (one that would probably only suit my circumstances*), but before I get too far into it, I figured that it would be best to ask if this type of functionality already exists, somehow.

Thanks in advance, for any responses!

* I am designing a "guild" plugin system for my users, so that they can speak privately in their own "guild" forums, while still participating in the main discussion forums. What I mean by "an extremely narrow basis" is that I will probably add a "guild" system into the PunBB database, along with a lot of other little hacks, so that the guilds are not even user groups (hence why this plugin would not function quite the same as my more "generalized" example, above).