I know many users have had questions about problems with default time zone when hosting on a webserver in a different country than the majority of their forum users, and i just found a nice fix in DreamHost wiki (i am not sure if this will work on other servers than DreamHost, but i would think so):

DreamHost Wiki: Running web scripts in your Timezone (using .htaccess):
http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Running_web_s … r_Timezone

I hope this will be to help for someone ...


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Thats OK. Thank you.


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StevenBullen wrote:

Marine Hunters Gaming Community
Marine Hunters Gaming Community - FORUM

Any comments more than welcome... big_smile

Can you explain why the logfiles at Fortellinger.net is filled up with this?:


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Papillon wrote:

And among the users, which ones can I be sure about them being bots, apart from the ones that already posted spam? Those weird e-mail addresses are enough to tell?
The -12 timezone is a clear sign?

What I do, is that I delete all users that don't log in after they signed up. I usually wait a couple of days, and if they haven't logged in by then, I delete them.

To see if they have logged in after signing up, go to «Administration», «Users», and type a asterisk (*) in the field «Username» and hit enter. This will give you a list of all your users, and the ones marked in bold text have not signed in after signing up. Of course, this is only useful if you require email-verification.

Also the -12 timezone clearly indicate (for most forums) that it is a spambot.

What i really would like to see in future versions of PunBB, is that the users don't show up in the user list until they log in for the first time. That would really solve the problem with spambots, I think.

Yes, i should have waited a bit longer before reporting it. sad Sorry about that! roll

All of a sudden it's working again.

Except for in Firefox, punbb.org don't seem to work without the www-prefix anymore. hmm roll

Nice! I really like the banner! big_smile


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Jérémie wrote:
asleo wrote:

Nice one, but please give us _underscores_ in the clean URLs in 1.3, please, pleeeeaaaaasssssee! yikes big_smile cool

You will be able to edit the URI scheme for your own twisted dark needs.

Thats great! I did not know about it until I read the blogpost by Connor, thanks for the tip Connordh!

Twisted dark needs? Uhm. roll


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Jérémie wrote:

Clean: /community/support-forum/how-do-i-switch-to-punbb

Nice one, but please give us _underscores_ in the clean URLs in 1.3, please, pleeeeaaaaasssssee! yikes big_smile cool

elbekko wrote:

Quite logical wouldn't you think? tongue If you log out, the cookie gets destroyed. So no way to keep it alive tongue

Well, yes, but I don't find the sentence about it on register.php any logical, it make me think that I only need to visit the forum and then automagically get logged in. Anyway, if it's only me that read it that way, then there is no problem ... wink

(At first I thought it might be a browser spesific feature, but now I know different.)

Thanks again!

elbekko wrote:

It makes sure the cookie doesn't expire. But if you clear cookies on exit you're logged out tongue


But if I log out, I am not supposed to be logged in automatically when I visit the page the next time? If not, maybe the sentence about it on register.php should be changed to be a little more precise? I think it might be confusing for some, at least it was for me. cool

I am confused about the following in register.php:

«This option sets whether the forum should "remember" you between visits. If enabled, you will not have to login every time you visit the forum. You will be logged in automatically. Recommended.
# Save username and password between visits.»

How is this actually supposed to work? Maybe I am confused because it don't work, or maby I just don't understand how it's supposed to work. Can anyone please explain it to me in a very simpel way? (Feeling a little stupid asking this, but ...). roll

I just deleted the entire code, and everything seems to be working perfectly. So I guess I didn't have to ask about that ...

The only place i found «body onload ...» was in header.php on line number 127 and 128 (I am running the latest version; PunBB 1.2.12). There I have the following code:

// START SUBST - <body>
if (isset($focus_element))
    $tpl_main = str_replace('<body onload="', '<body onload="document.getElementById(\''.$focus_element[0].'\').'.$focus_element[1].'.focus();', $tpl_main);
    $tpl_main = str_replace('<body>', '<body onload="document.getElementById(\''.$focus_element[0].'\').'.$focus_element[1].'.focus()">', $tpl_main);
// END SUBST - <body>

Should I delete the entire code from above, or just portions of it? I am a little afraid of doing something wrong ...

Great, and thank you! I sure don't need the autofocus that much, and certainly not more then I need the nifty corners. I really want them. smile

I have really been trying til find a solution, and I probably have, I just don't know how to use it/implement it. Working with JavaScript with absolutely no knowledge about the language it's like being blind. The following might be a solution for me:

http://simon.incutio.com/archive/2004/0 … dLoadEvent

I have carefully read all of the article (and many others), but I don't understand how to implement it in order to fix my problem with the «body onload ...» conflict.

Maybe I don't  need the body.onload in PunBB, does it do anything of great importens on some of the pages, or could I just remove any «body onload ...» from my forum?

Thanks! It works when I remove the body.onload. Any idea on how I can solve it? I am sorry to ask, but I don't know much about JavaScript, so I appreciate any help. smile

I don't know what will be the hardest; changing the PunBB JavaScript or the Nifty Corners JavaScript ...

I am trying to use Nifty Corners from http://www.html.it/articoli/niftycube/ on my forum at http://fortellinger.net/forum/ . Everything (every page) works in Opera 9, but Nifty Corners don't work on the following pages in Firefox and IE:


I have also tryed to use something different than window.onload for the JavaScript for the Nifty Corners, but with no luck.


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grudon66 wrote:

how can i get frontpage 2003 free

TextPad is available on a try before you buy basis, but it is super cheap to buy too, only 30.00 US Dollars: http://www.textpad.com/ . By the way, TextPad is all you ever need!


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coxis wrote:

i just change the files manually by hdiff file
do i need to make some more ?

i mean i only change the files by editing them and i can have that old version number show
i just want to be secure with the new updates, that is all i think

To do it by hand you must modify the value of o_cur_version in the database to 1.2.12, then you need to delete the cache_config.php file located in the cache folder.

solutionsphp: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=63835#p63835
Smartys: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=63836#p63836

Located in "Profile" - "Display" under "Enter your pagination options" it says "Emner" and "Emner", it should say "Emner" and "Poster":

Located at lang - Norwegian - profile.php

Fault in line number 100:
'Posts per page' => 'Emner',

Should be corrected to this (line number 100):
'Posts per page' => 'Poster',

Smartys wrote:

"Include posts" includes the content of the post in the email that is sent to you when someone posts in a topic you have subscribed to

Ah, thanks. Now I undersand. smile

It doesn't seem to work at PunBB.org Forums neither. What is "Include post in subscription e-mails" supposed to do, then? Thanks!

Under Profile - Privacy I check "Include post in subscription e-mails", but I never receive any mail with a copy of my forum post. Where should I look to fix this? Perhaps it is me that misunderstand what this is supposed to do?

All other mail from the forum works OK.