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I sent you an email.

MattF wrote:

chmod -R 777 [/path/to/cachedir]

Not every has (or knows how to use) shell access to their server.


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orlandu63 wrote:

1. I agree. number_format can accomplish this.

The decimal point and thousands separator would need to be localized.

orlandu63 wrote:

3. Agree. A simple 'parent' column can accomplish this (null if top-level forum; parent's forum_id if otheriwse). As an added bonus this can also handle mutli-level forums.

Storing a parent doesn't do much unless you change how things are displayed too. wink Of course, that'll be worked out when someone writes an extension for it.


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MattF wrote:

Plus, it removes the need to call strtolower, as stristr is case insensitive.

So does stripos, but that requires PHP 5. roll


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What was wrong with the first piece of code you posted?

// Handle the "empty" and "else" part however you want
if (!empty($_POST['txturl']) && strpos(strtolower($_POST['txturl']), 'http://') !== 0)
    $_POST['txturl'] = 'http://'.$_POST['txturl'];
    $_POST['txturl'] = '';


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MattF wrote:
stristr($uri, 'http://')

Why not use strpos?

Note: If you only want to determine if a particular needle occurs within haystack, use the faster and less memory intensive function strpos() instead.


apgroner wrote:

Where do I access the Update Forum function?

It's part of functions.php (if you're looking for a way to do this programmatically).

You might also check out Connor's Forum Cleanup plugin (on the downloads page).


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Actually, my dictionary and thesaurus says that opinion and judgment are similar. tongue


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elbekko wrote:

Yes, they want to make money. Like any other company.

Rickard wrote:

Enough with the drama.



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FYI: http://blogs.msdn.com/rssteam/articles/ … Guide.aspx

I use Safari (on Mac OS X).


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intedinmamma wrote:

The author thought that "HELP!" was a good topic, cause that what he/she wants. So, instead of having to go to the page you can just continue listening.

I just ignore such topics.


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I read "English date into timestamp". Blah...

Have you checked these out?
Frontpage PunBB

You can change permissions for all groups expect admin...


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I think you want strtotime().

Y/m/d g:i:s A


CodeXP wrote:

ALT+H you mean?

No, it's Control on my machine.

CodeXP wrote:

The lang array tooltip shortcut is only available within the source.php string.quoted, string.quoted.single.php, string.quoted.double.php scopes ... It could possibly cause some confusion though, so I'll change it if you think it'll help smile

Er, I missed that earlier. It's your call on what shortcut to use. smile

I'd also change the shortcut for the language array tooltip to something else (Ctrl+H is already used by the PHP bundle for documentation lookup).

CodeXP wrote:

As I was reading trough the "What editor do you use for PHP?" thread here at the PunBB forums, I encountered a very basic Textmate bundle by guardian34. This got me thinking, why not start working on a more expansive bundle, with most of the commonly used functions, variables and things like database queries.

Good idea. smile

CodeXP wrote:

As I do not own a Mac, I have not been able to test this with Textmate. E-Texteditor bundles is compatible with Textmate though, so it should work just fine. If not, please let me know.

It does work fine with TextMate once it's loaded. However, before I loaded it, I changed the uuid of your bundle to something else because it was the same as mine (I think it would've merged the two bundles together, which I didn't want).

FWIW, I just made a new (temporary) bundle and copied the uuid from that (9345B070-717F-44A9-A4B9-6D58DD28C394).


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list-style-type: none


131 wrote:

I guess that could be mis-used .. hmm

How so?

Of course. smile