Okay. The style is currently based off of crystalblue, which is actually one of my favorites, even if it is somewhat standard looking.

I'm certainly open to making it look better, or completely changing it if I am actually the only one that thinks it looks good (has happened to me alot before), but I'd like to know what it is specifically that you think would make it look better.

Anyways, any ideas are welcome. This is one site that I really want to see at least partially successful, so I need some feedback.

I just recently made a new site running Punbb, http://www.minscandboo.com

It's a fansite to Minsc and his hamster Boo from Baldur's Gate <_<
It runs Punbb, and uses the Punbb gallery mod. It also has a custom style that was based of crystalblue.

Anyways. I need some reviews. I thought that the forum style actually looked pretty good (though there's definitely room for improvement) . The front page on the other hand... If you have any suggestions, I'm thinking of completely redoing it soon.

Anyways, I need some thoughts and criticism.

I had a bunch of spam bots sign up at one point.

I didn't delete them because they weren't spamming my forum, so I figured there was no harm done. That was a mistake. Eventually a bunch of them started posting random junk (mostly trying to sell watches 0_o)

Anyways, delete them before they do any harm, and ban that email address.

Well, it seems given the way the mod works, that changing the code of the base forum will change the code of all the forums created from it, so I'm trying to change the code of the base forum so that all the other forums will automatically disallow a guest from reading the forums. I did this successfully for turning off new registrations, but it was a lot more straightforward.

I think all I need to do is edit a number somewhere in this code, but I don't even have an idea of what; short of trial and error.


    $result = $db->query('SELECT g.g_id, g.g_title, g.g_read_board, g.g_post_replies, g.g_post_topics, fp.read_forum, fp.post_replies, fp.post_topics FROM '.$db->prefix.'groups AS g LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'forum_perms AS fp ON (g.g_id=fp.group_id AND fp.forum_id='.$forum_id.') WHERE g.g_id!='.PUN_ADMIN.' ORDER BY g.g_id') or error('Unable to fetch group forum permission list', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

    while ($cur_perm = $db->fetch_assoc($result))
        $read_forum = ($cur_perm['read_forum'] != '0') ? true : false;
        $post_replies = (($cur_perm['g_post_replies'] == '0' && $cur_perm['post_replies'] == '1') || ($cur_perm['g_post_replies'] == '1' && $cur_perm['post_replies'] != '0')) ? true : false;
        $post_topics = (($cur_perm['g_post_topics'] == '0' && $cur_perm['post_topics'] == '1') || ($cur_perm['g_post_topics'] == '1' && $cur_perm['post_topics'] != '0')) ? true : false;

        // Determine if the current sittings differ from the default or not
        $read_forum_def = ($cur_perm['read_forum'] == '0') ? false : true;
        $post_replies_def = (($post_replies && $cur_perm['g_post_replies'] == '0') || (!$post_replies && ($cur_perm['g_post_replies'] == '' || $cur_perm['g_post_replies'] == '1'))) ? false : true;
        $post_topics_def = (($post_topics && $cur_perm['g_post_topics'] == '0') || (!$post_topics && ($cur_perm['g_post_topics'] == '' || $cur_perm['g_post_topics'] == '1'))) ? false : true;

                                    <th class="atcl"><?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_perm['g_title']) ?></th>
                                    <td<?php if (!$read_forum_def) echo ' class="nodefault"'; ?>>
                                        <input type="hidden" name="read_forum_old[<?php echo $cur_perm['g_id'] ?>]" value="<?php echo ($read_forum) ? '1' : '0'; ?>" />
                                        <input type="checkbox" name="read_forum_new[<?php echo $cur_perm['g_id'] ?>]" value="0"<?php echo ($read_forum) ? ' checked="checked"' : ''; ?><?php echo ($cur_perm['g_read_board'] == '0') ? ' disabled="disabled"' : ''; ?> />

Well, the mod I'm using creates an unlimited number of punbb forums from one install.
I'm making a website designed for bible studies, and everyone can make there own forum for their study. I would just tell them to change it, but it would be easier if all the forums just started with it automatically unchecked, because most of the people I know who would use it are not very web-oriented at all.

I'm using the mod here:


to make a website where people can make group forums. Where it's invitation only, and
you cannot read the board unless your a member (or moderator) of the group.

I already got a plugin for inviting people, and I already changed it so that new registrations is off by default. Now I just need to set it so that guests cannot read the forums by default. I found where the code is in admin_forums, but since I know almost no php, I coulnd't really make anything of it. What would I need to change so that the checkbox for guests viewing the forums is automatically unchecked?

I appreciate any help.

I personally really like the one you have now.


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10 seconds!

I'm really curious.


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My bet goes to it being the new punres.

Anyways, 8 minutes.


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Rickard seemed pretty sure that it would come out by the end of last year. While it didn't turn out that way, it can't be to far off I would assume.

Though I don't know, that's just an observation, and things could have changed that I don't know about.


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Generally, when I hear of people getting hacked, it's not from the newer and up-to-date
scripts they have running. Rather, it's something smaller, and generally updated less frequently script that allows the hacker access to the entire site.

And in general, Punbb's pretty secure.


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And then proceed to ban that admin.


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I asked for one for Christmas. I have enough money to buy it, it's just that I had nothing else I wanted this year, so when I was asked, that was the first thing that came to mind.

I probably had a better chance of getting it myself though, I'm the only one I know willing to stand in line for hours to get it.

The Wii is definitely the best system this time around in my opinion. I can't wait to play Zelda, as I'm a major Zelda fan. It looks like your a zelda fan as well from your avatar.
I also can't wait for Animal crossing to come out next december.

Do you have Zelda yet? If so, what did you think of it?


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I think this is very exciting, but there are a few questions I would like to ask.

First, about money. Are you now splitting up donations and income from ads?  Maybe just income from donations?

Also, with this move, are you ever planning on releasing a pay for version, or are you going to stick with the free version. Personally, I wouldn't mind paying for it if you ever decided to do that.

Just curious.


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You're not required to, though it's the nice thing to do.
Considering we get this message board system absolutely free (and it's a very high quality one at that) It's the least we can do to leave the copyright message there, and leave credit where it is due.


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Adapted to, but if it's not currently, it will temporarily stop spam won't it?
Also, maybe you should change the questions to ask historical questions that everyone would know, such as: What civilization built the pyramids, What empire was known for building roads, and maybe a few easy questions about your countries history.
If people don't know they can switch questions.

Should be pretty simple for a person, but hard for a bot.

That was just an idea I had, I've never dealt with spam before, so I'm not really sure, but it sounds good.


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Okay, I figure I'll try, if you still need any.

I'm wondering also, I'm sure you probably won't tell until the site's released, but what are the differences?
I don't really like the site's that copy Million Dollar homepage that much, but every idea is built on a previous idea, I'm just wondering how different they are. I'm kind of curious to see.

Anyway, here's mine, if you want to use it.


Should link to www.christianepic.com

I wish you luck with your venture, hopefully it works well for you.


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I had the same problem quite a few times, as it was my first time installing anything that required a database (screwed up quite a few times)

If I recall correctly though, you could make the button normal without erasing everything in the boxes. I believeusing the refresh button would do it. It's been awhile though, I could be wrong.

I finally took a slightly different route than what people suggested here.
Instead of going in and changing every line, I used the thread that pogenwurst posted, where you modified only one line in include/dblayer/mysql.php

The thread is here

I made sure the cookie seed and cookie name were the same.
I assume I had originally missed a couple of things I was supposed to change, becuase a couple of them were in a context where they didn't show up when I searched for them.

I finally got them working, and so far it seems to be working perfectly.
Thank you all for helping so much, because I was completely in the dark when I started this topic.


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It is against the rules to sell your characters and gold, since it's an mmorpg.
That's probably why his forums are set to be viewed only by members, so they are harder to get to, because if Jagex did find his site, they would probably shut it down.

Actually, I had to go in and give it one, I found in another thread that that was possible,
sorry I forgot to mention that.
I've been looking at the other thread about this, and he said it he couldn't ever get his working either, maybe this was the problem he ran into.
I checked it out using my test forums, and they have the same problem, I just didn't notice it before, because I had been testing it using the administrators.
I've been looking around and I can't find any solutions.

Though in the other thread, the guy said at one point that he had it working, they just had to logig to every forum. I might try to get it to work like that, if they stay logged in   
a long time, it will hardly be noticable. I'll only try that if I can't find any other solution though.

Okay, I checked it, they are both set to the same thing, as with the cookie seed.
None of the other cookie information is specified though, could that possibly be the problem?

Also, I was just checking through the files to check and see if there were any mistakes I had made changing the files, I searched "users" and I found a couple of these:


They didn't show up because I had been searching for


What should I change this into, if I did it exactly the way I was doing the other ones it would be:

'.$low_prioforum1_users ---- forum1_ being the database prefix.

but I doubt i'm supposed to mash them together like that, what needs to be in there to seperate them?

The URL's:


However, I don't know what $cookie_name is set to, which I would assume is the problem.
Where can I find it?

I finally got the two forums up, and they both have all the same users.
I'm having a problem though, for some reason, on the second forum (which is the forum that uses the first forums user database) people can't log in, except me, the administrator.
They try to log in, it says that they have succesfully logged in, and they will be redirected, but then aren't logged in.
The page has the "log in" button, and they haven't really logged in.

It kind of looks like a cookie issue to me. I changed the cookie seed to the same cookie seed of the first forum, as said in the thread pogenwurst posted. I'm not sure if this caused the problem or not. I didn't save the original cookie seed, unfortunatley, so I can't test.