I ended up getting it done by using the PHP Admin to export from the old MySQL database and import into the new. Wasn't necessarily easy, or pretty, but it is complete migrated...  RICK

I'm trying to migrate my punbb forum to a GoDaddy host, and have ran into an unexpected problems.
1) The original database name I used on the old host is two characters longer than the maximum length allowed by GoDaddy.
2) Also, the database name is the same as the username for GoDaddy and I had originally used two different names.

I could modify the config.php file, but unless I can change the name of the backed-up database file itself, I don't see how this would help.  (I used the DB Management plugin to backup the files.) I have never messed with the database files directly, so I don't know what options I might have.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I worked (and worked) with the hosting company and they fixed it...

"The issues were related to wrong file permissions and we have corrected the file permissions to resolve the issues."

The only other thing was that the DEBUG MODE was enabled somehow...  (see Sticky )

I disabled it so am happy as a clam.

I added the Attachments Mod several months ago and it had been working fine...  until VividHosting (the hosting company) migrated everything to a new facility and equipment. It appeared that everything was fine until I discovered the issues described below.

Here is a description of the messages I am now getting and the pertinent settings:

Although a link to a prior attachment is still visible, trying to access it gives me the following error message:

Warning: fopen(/home/preginf/public_html/prc_attachments/b0ff58077fca5dbc638d15df75082722/b110e399b0024e94e273fb8a16122cb6.attach) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/preginf/public_html/prcontario/forum/attachment.php on line 95

When trying to add a new attachment (a very small file), I get this message:

Error: Unable to move file from: /tmp/phpDpDR22 to /home/preginf/public_html/prc_attachments/b0ff58077fca5dbc638d15df75082722/26926a0ecdbba7e779dafe18d5397152.attach.

Permission settings for these folders are:
/prc_attachments = 777
/b0ff58077fca5dbc638d15df75082722 =750

The PHP settings that Frank H refers to in his documentation for the mod are
10M for upload_max_filesize,
8M for post_max_size, and
100M for memory_limit.

I realize the post max should be greater than the upload max, but don't think this would give me the above errors. I'm signed in as administrator and using very small file sizes.

Is there a setting change I need to work with the host to fix?

Or is there something in the Attachments Mod I need to change?

Thanks!  RICK


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I should add that you would need to add the "Userlist Access" mod that lets you set up any group (including guests) to prevent them from seeing the Userlist and Profiles.  See... http://punbb.informer.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=9520

Summary: Set up guests to see little or nothing, and then the rest of the forum is available to your other groups.


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I have set up a couple of forums where guests/visitors are only allowed to view a single forum which discusses the forum in general, and has a link to Log-In if they are members.  I have been able to do this easily with the existing features and options in PunBB.

With the ability to assign different permissions to each forum, you should be able to control who can enter and what they can do...  Read, Post Replies, Post Topics.  If you leave them unchecked, a visitor will not even be able to see that a forum exists.

You can set the registration options so that the forum doesn't even allow new registrations. If they try, any attempts receive the message, "This forum is not accepting new registrations."

Is this what you have in mind? Or are you wanting something more complex?

When emails are sent out from subscribed forums (have added the Forum Subscription mod), the email message states, "There may be more new replies, but this is the only notification you will receive until you visit the board again." ...And that is exactly how it does work, but I don't want it to do that.

Where can I modify this so that emails will be sent even if I haven?t been able to visit the board?

Also, I still want the board to show new posts since my last visit.

Thanks in advance, RICK


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tdelenik wrote:

By "any way" I mean either a mod or an easy PHP way to do it.

I have a work-around I use that has done the job for me, but it is neither a mod nor PHP...  It is just using existing features in an unothodox way with a email features outside of PunBB.

If you want a mod or PHP, I don't want to take the time to explain, but would be willing to if anyone wants to know...  RICK

Thanks MattF... When the message stated that "This mod supports...", I took it to mean the Attachment Mod I was attempting to install, and not the Mod Installer.

Anyway, you got me back on track and everything installed perfectly. This Attachments Mod is great!

I have read in this forum other users who are using 1.2.14, but when I try to rund the install_mod.php, I get the message...

You are running a version of PunBB (1.2.14) that this mod does not support. This mod supports PunBB versions: 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5

What is my next step?

Works great!  I'm thrilled!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Requested the same in Feb... 

Thanks, Sirena, for bringing this back up.  I could really use it. 


twohawks wrote:

@RAHster: I think you mean 'by topic subject', which is not held in the forums table...

Yes, your right...  "by topic subject" is what I need.

I had found an earlier discussion on this at http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=9049 where a ?do it yourself? suggestion is posted.  I assume this suggestion would work, although I haven't tried it.  I was hoping for an option in the administrative drop-down list so that it could be chosen on a forum-by-forum basis.

No interest in this? 

Is this under consideration for v1.3?

Can you add an "Alphabetical" option in "Sort topics by" drop down list?

Currently, in the Administration section, under Forums, and Edit forum details, there is a ?Sort topics by? drop down list that has two options: ?Last post? and ?Topic start?

Can you add ?Alphabetical? as a third option?

I had asked this back in September, but in the wrong forum...

Thanks for your help!  RICK

I?ve seen occasional requests to sort topics within a forum alphabetically.  The discussion at http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=9049 seems to describe how to ?do it yourself? okay, but I?m wanting it to be an option in the administrative drop-down list on a forum-by-forum basis.

Currently, in the Administration section, under Forums, and Edit forum details, there is a ?Sort topics by? drop down list that has two options:  ?Last post? and ?Topic start?.  Is there a mod that adds ?Alphabetical? as a third option?

If not, is there someone who would make this modification? It is beyond my present abilities.

Thank you,  RICK

EDIT...  I meant to put this in the Feature Request forum...  Sorry.  RICK


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Same problem caused by Zone Alarm ("ZA").  Changed ZA's privacy settings specifically for just the site with the forum, so all protection is still in place for everything else.

Under ZA's Privacy section, Site List tab, you can allow Private Header information in the cookie transmission (see last column). 

You may need to upgrade ZA to the newest version.


I tried going through the logs just to see, and I can find it...  But it is a lot to sort through for a once-in-a-while need.  It wouldn't be worth it for me.  I have more to learn before I tackle a modification like this if no one else has already done something like it.  If I ever do, I will let you know.

I'm using PunBB for a closed group, and there have been times I've wanted to be sure that a member has viewed a topic.  (I know, sounds like "Big Brother".)

Is there a way to build a log of each topic view, and then link it to the view count number on the list of topics?  This would be an Administrator function only...


Thanks elbekko !

I was looking for an option within the Administration area, but the code change was easy and the result works great.


Is there an option that will allow me to prevent the names of the moderators from being listed underneath the Forums?  I would like to remove the entire  "(Moderated by Name1, Name2, etc. )" section.  They aren't needed for our forum and some Forums have several moderators, so it takes up a lot of space and the Forums list is not as clean as I would like.

Thank you in advance.  Rick


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shanew wrote:

Hello world. Take 2.

Testing the "Quote" feature...  RAH