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I think "lover" is a bit too high on that list (for the women).  most women I've known list it at like #9999999999999999999 and it drops off the list completely once marriage has occurred.

it would be cool (and not that hard to implement) to put mod and admin info on each user in a clearly defined "admin" or "mod" fieldset so folks dont panic when they see ip addresses and such on their boards.


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you can run punbb (as native php) in asp.net using the language extension mentioned here


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php is server side, javascript is client side.  unless your client has a php hypertext preprocessor built into their browser, and has access to server side punbb variables, then no, its not going to work.

the only way its going to work (from a php perspective) is to let php preprocess the php then send the processed javascript to the client.  as EB said, include the needed php dependencies in your java script file and reference it the way he showed you in post #2.

deadram wrote:
MadHatter wrote:

there is nothing wrong with proprietary code (not that you can really hide the php like you can compiled executables).

Erm... (Mac HW+Software = proprietary) == reinvent the PC (IBM made this HW public source, for the most part at least), reinvent windows, reinvent Xorg; Proprietary means that the R&D resources used up to create a product have to be repeated for each additional group entering into production of said good.

no, I think you misunderstand the use of that word:

  Proprietary \Pro*pri"e*ta*ry\, n.; pl. Proprietaries. [L.
     proprietarius: cf. F. propri['e]taire. See Propriety, and
     cf. Proprietor.]
     1. A proprietor or owner; one who has exclusive title to a
        thing; one who possesses, or holds the title to, a thing
        in his own right. --Fuller.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. A body proprietors, taken collectively.
        [1913 Webster]
     3. (Eccl.) A monk who had reserved goods and effects to
        himself, notwithstanding his renunciation of all at the
        time of profession.
        [1913 Webster]

proprietary means you own the exclusive rights to the source code. the computer has been around since atleast WWII.  nobody re-invented the computer, they re-made it (and did so in complete ignorance of the existence of the computer invented to crack the enigma code back then).  xorg did not invent windowing, they remade it.  point of the matter is: you don't need source code, schematics, blue prints, specifications, use cases, uml or any other modeling <thing> to copy something.  the little gray thing between your ears is all you need.

beyond this, I'm not even going to touch what you've said, because I hate economics, but understand how these things work.  R&D, architecture, and anything else that has to be done, does not typically impact the cost of goods as the actual production of it.  people are the biggest liability in manufacturing (or software engineering) because we make mistakes.  Have you not ever read about the industrial revolution?  there is a reason things are automated.  when you remove people from production, you not only save money (which is passed on to the consumer) but you save costs involved with defect management.    if you have an automobile manufacturer who produces 10 cars a day using 500 employees, the price of that car is (in its most basic of terms) the cost of 500 employees times the number of hours spent building it.  I can assure you that that cost is going to exceed the architect who drew the plans for the auto on a computer.  now, you remove 495 of those employees, you now have 495 people who no longer have any income, cannot buy bread, let alone a vehicle, and are able to produce 500 automobiles a day.  the problem is, you now have a surplus of goods, and nobody to buy them.

fact is, there are no groups around today who do not use some form of currency.  this means that the basis of life must revolve around obtaining that form of currency (be it money, cows, crops or whatever).  how well would you be able to sustain life as a cow farmer if you open sourced your cattle?  anyone is free to come take your livestock, and all you ask is for a non-compulsory donation.

there is nothing wrong with proprietary software because chances are, its not going to be some new concept like quantum physics that nobody else is going to figure out how to do.  meanwhile you're able to participate in your environment because it enables you to obtain some form of "currency" because you have what somebody needs (like the cows) and cannot provide for themselves.

I'd love to live in a world where everybody serves everyone else without pay, but I'm also a realist, and understand that thats not going to happen in my lifetime.

my profession is software engineering.  I also maintain multiple open source projects, and participate by publishing things about software engineering that I find interesting (feel free to check my blog).  I definitely believe in charging for software, owning source code that I do not ever publish.  I also believe in sharing (open source is how I got into this field).  there is absolutely nothing wrong with either IMO.

there is nothing wrong with proprietary code (not that you can really hide the php like you can compiled executables).


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deadram wrote:

Does punxs run on wine is my greatest concern. Java, or wxwidgets (Even MFC, since MFC is a wrapper for the functions that wine already supports) would have been a much more OS independent way to develop punxs tongue Guess I'll wait till there's a binary download to try it out.

.net and mfc wrap the same functions.  you'll need to probably make sure wine is configured for .net 2.0.

there was only 1 original idea, everything else has copied that.

most programming follows the same type of logic.  if you line for line copy punbb, then you have to abide by punbb's license.  if you learn from what rickard has done and apply his style of coding to your code base then its not his software but your own.


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personally, I liked your last style better.


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so Kristoffer, what are you using for the text editor?  sharp develop's editor?

looks pretty slick.  let me know if you want any help on it.


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yep, quite odd that he just didn't sign in w/ his regular acct and post it.

hehe, we've all been there.

close your tags young man big_smile


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FSX wrote:

I can't wait! When will it be released? About 3 or 4 months?

Rickard wrote:
grudon66 wrote:

And Richard when is punbb.1.3 done?

When it has all the features and improvements that are planned.

if you were able to locate the search feature on these forums and searched on 1.3 you'd see its been in the works for a long time, so don't ask for a time line.

well if you want to integrate it like phpbb is, yea it will take quite a bit of effort.  if you don't want the authentication for phpnuke and punbb integrated, then it shouldn't be that bad.  you will have to write the wrapper index.php for the module that wraps the functionality of punbb for modules.php to access.

somebody needs to change dr jeckyl's title to "wild punbb spotter" for starting this fun and exciting game.

according to a document published by google (don't remember where it is though), keyword ranking is based on a few factors.  one is the length of time your domain is registered for.  sites like mine that renew domain names yearly do no rank as high as a server who's domain is registered for the next 10 years.  another thing is that static content ranks higher than dynamic content... static content being described as a static file.  I'm guessing that a .html file will be considered a "file" and /asdf/asdf will be considered a directory, the .html will gain a higher ranking than the directory.

I use web ceo, and google analytics to monitor my site, and the progression from dynamic, to /asdf/asfd, to 123/title.html has happened very slowly, but the move between /asdf/asdf and /title.html has had an exponential increase in search engine hits, and it happened sort of all of the sudden (and my site doesnt get new content very often)...  when I moved from dynamic content to /asdf/asdf I also started using google sitemaps.  I used that for a number of months, but when I migrated to the html file model, the number of hits for the things (given certain keywords) on my site increased by orders of magnitude.

actually...  I've tried several different types of friendly urls since I started my blog, and recently I modded it so that the title was in the url.  prior to doing this, I had other friendly urls like the mywebsite.com/topic/id and once I put the topic in the url: title_topic.html the stats for each post has gone crazy search engine hit wise.  so I'd have to say that adding the topic title (while not always a good benchmark for content) does do something for you.


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dont get me wrong, I still use java as part of my normal 9-5 (we have a custom SOLR--which is an extended lucene--search engine, as well as some web services doing SSO here at work).  extensibility is a big point though.  .net is very extensible, as the point of this thread was supposed to show, that it gives you a much higher degree of flexibility and lets you to write java, delphi, pascal, python, php, vb, C++, C#, and a ton of other languages that you are already familiar with. 

a couple of things that I could never stand about java though is not being able to declare (or override) operators, use pointers, or have data structures that acted like primitives.  One thing that drove me nuts about C++ was having to re-invent the wheel every time you started an application where you couldn't borrow code from other projects you did, that and the gratuitous misuse of macro's by C coders who refused to learn object oriented programming.  Java showed that a much more graceful way of coding can be done at nearly the same (if not better) than the way things had been being done in C or C++.  C# to me is more like a cleaner (albeit watered down) version of C++, which gives you some of the nice things we all liked about java, but put the developer back in control over the total development experience.


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Mediator wrote:

Unfortunatly java did it first, and better. Java's libraries actually make sense and don't look like they have been organized by a group of retarded monkies. :\, Anything .NET can do java can reproduce faster, and more efficiently. You still cannot find a truely cross-platform JIT for .NET, whether you think mono works or not.

I'd like to see a file pointer to an alternate data stream be created natively and used as though it were a normal file object in java.  not trying to knock it, I started out doing java and still like the language.  IMO without the abstraction layer of the virtual machine .net is going to perform better on a windows machine than a java app because it worked directly with the os.  I do understand that the sdk for a windows and unix os implement the framework differently to take advantage of the specific machine, but I've yet to see that level of support in java


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dunno where the links are lined out at, probably main.tpl, but since I never really used punbb's templates much I wouldn't really know.

this is what it looks like with the green (or whatever main theme you're using) image link.


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your css is messed up... if you turn off your green css, it displays correctly.  I believe the clearer divs in the upper and lower link(st & sb) are causing the large gaps in the layout.

do yourself a huge favor (and anyone else trying to mess with css), download firefox2 and the firebug and web developer add ins.  it will allow you to inspect and change your page on the fly in your browser and is easy enough for me to use it (which is saying a child could too).


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pun uses sha1 if available, and md5 if its not.  these are hashing algorithms not encryption algorithms.

the difference being, with encryption, you pull the password from the data base, decrypt it and compare it with the user input.  w/ hashing, you hash the user input and compare it with whats stored in the db.  hashing produces a fixed width output, so if you hash a 2 gig file, or a 1 letter text field, you're going to get a 128 or 160 bit output (md5 = 128, sha1 = 160), where the size of your encrypted output is dependent of the size of the plain text input.


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theres a difference between platform independence and free.  there are no fees involved with downloading the framework, sdk, or source code.  .net can be compiled against free bsd out of the box, so I'd say it is sort of multi platformed. plus both .net and mono are built against the ecma specification for the language and are pretty inter-operable.   I think I read an article somewhere where the guy leading development of the gnome desktop was moving development efforts to C# using mono, so thats 2 completely different operating systems (or 1 operating system and one desktop environment) using it.


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I believe you have to float them all the same direction...  at least I've never been able to do a css 3 column layout without them all being floated left.