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.net is and always has been free.  its source code is also slightly open (meaning you can download it and use it to write your own .net framework much like portable .net and mono have, you just cant use its source code directly like other open source frameworks...  not that many people have included portions of python, apache or php into their own frameworks unrelated to those products).

I still prefer to use php for web development though, which is why i think this is cool.


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Rickard wrote:

What I'd like is a reliable way to load .NET dll's from PHP.

from the looks of it, this is able to do just that.  granted, under the hood, its .net not php that way.

you should be able to (at least in windows) create CCW's of your .net dll's and invoke that from within PHP through COM, but Phalanger looks pretty promising for that type of thing.

zaher wrote:

And the really ask now, what the way we can choose for next 10 years of coding.

in microsoft's world, the technology is only going to change when they've over complicated .NET, much like they've done with MFC.  Whatever technology allows me to keep a 6 figure income is the one I'll be using, whether it be C#, or PHP, or Java or assembly.  all programming technologies basically work the same, so its just a matter of learning the nuances of that technology and how it exploits hardware better than others.


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because they brought in anders hejlsberg (the creator of Delphi) to create it for them.  .NET is actually something they did right IMO.  using mono you can develop for nix and windows.  If I'm not mistaken, gnome is using mono for their development (I could be wrong about this one though).

.net lets you create language extensions for it so that you can write .net apps in python, C#, vb, C++, perl, fortran, and a ton of other languages.  the cool thing about this is, that it allows you to use the php framework, and .net framework however you wish.

being able to write a file saying:

using ( StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter("foo.txt") ) {

as opposed to:

$fh = fopen("text", "a");
fwrite($fh, "blah");

is just one of the ways that they've taken what we've all been doing since the 60's and made it easier to write, override, and manipulate.


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oooo somebody found a bug.


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I ran across this article this morning...  I gave it a quick glance over and it looks really cool.  I really like both php and .NET so this looks like a marriage made in heaven!

The article
The project home page

unlike most language ports for .NET this one allows you to use native php or .NET in php...  much better than the .net extension for php IMO.


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sounds like you're trying to ado.nettify punbb's data layer tongue


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i believe cpanel just adds the appropriate editions to the .htaccess file as guardian34 suggested.


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I hear php and mysql (with a little html) are good for that type of thing big_smile


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I set up a download service a long time ago that gave a unique download path, like:


and added a mod rewrite match that would redirect to a download.php file that checked to see if that client had purchased the application (and specifically that version), and if they did would return the file from a non web accessible folder on the server.  to the client from an http standpoint, the file was located on the server as shown, but behind the scenes on the server it redirected the output from another location.

the mod rewrite looked something like (this is coming from memory so it may be wrong):

RewriteRule ^/download/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)$ /download.php?uid=$1&v=$2&f=$3 [L]

and the download.php file then used the uid to look up in the db the customer & items purchased & what versions (from v) and would find that file on a directory above the website folder, and would send it to them.


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exactly, except with this script you were able to change permissions and owners.  It was a complete (and very nicely done--in a sick sort of way--I might add) hacktool.  I was pretty surprised when I looked at it.  At first I thought is was just a situation where the school (and it was a prestigious computer science school) didnt have the systems locked down, but that wasn't the case.  however it worked (I think it ran under the context of the web server) it allowed full access to everything, unlike what you get when you try to access the file system w/ a standard php sript. 

I still have it on my old hard drive (however it crashed pretty hard about a year ago, so recovering it is going to be difficult).  If I ever run across it again, I'd let you check it out (though the exploit it used is most likely fixed by now... this was a long time ago).


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I doubt that would help anything.

When I was in school they gave us personal websites, and some time after I graduated I went back to the one I had.  there was a place I had made for group collaboration for some of my classes that let folks upload team documents.  somebody had uploaded a script that allowed them to gain IO access to all the sites hosted on that web server.  I downloaded it and tried it on one of those free hosting servers and was able to have pretty much root access to every site hosted on that server.  It was a pretty dangerous script, and if somebody else hosted on the same box as yours allowed somebody to upload a script like that, they could deface every site on that box from their web browser (including changing directory acl's).

most hosts have scanners for that kind of stuff, so your best bet is to contact them or access your logs to see what was going on.


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yea, visio can do what you're wanting.


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look at your raw server logs for the time span that the defacing happened.  if you have normal traffic up until the time it was defaced, then they most likely gained access to the box that your site was on, and mass defaced all the sites on that box.


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what exactly are you talking about? application mock ups, process flows, data flows, uml diagrams, or case tools?

yea it is handy.  I stumbled upon it one day when I needed to merge some code that wasn't under subversion (because I typically use tortoise svn's diff tool), so I googled, checked out about 10 different (crappy) diff tools and came across this one. definitely worth the 30 bucks they charge for it.

I've found the fastest way for me to patch is to use beyond compare (best diff I've ever used).  I just download the release version, and the version I have online, right click on the distro, select it for compare, right click on my top level folder and do a binary compare between the 2 folders.  it finds the diff's and lets you visually see what gets changed where, and all you do is click and say, use this or use mine.  simple simple simple.


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3 years ago 1and1 handed out 3 years free preview for their services (with no strings attached).  I signed up for 2 of those and eventually ended up staying with them.  I haven't had too many problems with them either.  250 gig disk space, and 2.5 terrabytes monthly transfer for 10 bucks a month ain't to shabby.


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he couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag, suggesting he search something as complex as google is an impossibility for that guy.


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http://blogs.cisco.com/news/2007/01/upd … radem.html


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they have for quite a while too.  berlios.de has offered it for a much longer time.


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1.2.15 will come out when it needs to. 

as with every piece of software in existence, 1.2 wont die soon enough and things will necessitate that it still gets fixes for things like security issues for those who cant upgrade.


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it comes w/ an image resize script now.

\b$keyword\b will match the keywords correctly


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when you type a name in your browser, it looks up (using a domain name server) what IP address is registered w/ a name.  it then makes a request to a computer at that IP address.  the webserver at that IP address then sends back something (like a web page).

to get a website up and running you need to:
1. register a domain name (the $10 a year cost)
2. you need to get a computer that ^^ that domain name points to (known as a webserver)
3. do not drop out of school.

tick it off like a check list.  1) have you bought a domain name? 2) do you have a computer to place punbb on? 3) are you currently playing in traffic?

if you can honestly answer yes to all 3 then you're set.

there are companies whose business is to have just a ton of computers hooked up to the internet and rent them to people who pay them money for hard drive space, and bandwidth.  companies engaging in such activities are typically called "hosts" or "hosting providers",  ergo you need a host...  like an idiot you turned down my $5 a month offer for just such a service, so now you get to pay more (and get less) for whatever you use to host your punbb website.

save a page, replace the content in that middle square with the main <pun_xxx> codes and edit the forum button html so it looks like its selected.