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although unlikely, if a user has a dynamic ip address, it would be possible for them to show up as different ip addresses.


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love the theme.  one of the better looking ones I've seen. 

I don't know if the stats box is intentionally the way it is, but the uneven two tone brown doesn't compliment the rest of the theme (IMO).


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setting rewrite base works on my server (not testing 1.3 but just in general)...


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I have both working just fine.  maybe you installed it wrong?

mdounin wrote:
MadHatter wrote:

I'm interested in knowing how your vanilla smtp server is going to be smart enough to post a message to a web site.

The smtp server in question supposed to support standard unix command aliases, as sendmail/postfix does.

Rewriting original question from zerok:

Is there some working solution for forum posts by email (or at least replies to forum by email) or it should be written from scratch?

what does sendmail/postfix command aliases have to do with opening up a socket, formatting the output of an email into http and sending that data to the punbb webserver when an email has been received?

you may have better luck connecting to the database directly and inserting the records there as opposed to interfacing the website UI.

I'm interested in knowing how your vanilla smtp server is going to be smart enough to post a message to a web site.

do tell. you seem to have it all figured out.


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I'm pretty sure the second parameter (resource being re-written to) needs to be rooted. 

RewriteRule ^index.html$ / [L]

works on my server where as

RewriteRule ^index.html$ index.php [L]

does not

assuming this is because / is present at the end of the request, and since the file is relative, the server's assuming we're in /login/ instead of /.


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or paypal me $200 USD and I'll handle it for you big_smile


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you have a rewrite rule something like this?

RewriteRule ^login$ /login.php [L]
RewriteRule ^register$ /register.php [L]
RewriteRule ^search$ /search.php [L]

as well as any others?  I'm not registered so I dont get any others, but /login.php, and /register.php work, so it seems to me like the rewrite rules are wrong or missing.

EDIT:  it seems like adding / to the end messes it up... make sure your rewrite rules have /?$ at the end of the pattern instead of /$ or $ like:

RewriteRule ^login/?$ /login.php [L]
RewriteRule ^register/?$ /register.php [L]
RewriteRule ^search/?(.*)$ /search.php$1 [L]

edit viewtopic and remove the references to the $lang_common['E-mail'] (or whatever you wanted to change), open up viewforum and look for $lang_forum['Post topic'] and add the image html. it should come out to be the same thing, except when you edit the lang files, you keep the localization functionality.  plus editing a lang file is easier.

just of the top of my head (haven't tried it, don't know for sure if it would work), you may be able to open the lang files where the text "E-mail" is stored and insert an img tag... same would go for "Post reply"


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looks to me like you're missing some rewrite rules.


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its not finished.   at this point its a lot like telling the assembly line worker that the automobile doesn't have any wheels half way through the assembly line.


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better question would be, why make it the #1 thing they need to do after registering to be changing the theme of the best school ever made to some other crappy school??? just doesn't make sense.

maybe check the permissions for your groups to make sure they can edit posts.

what smtp server are you going to use to post the reply to the web server?  you have authentication to worry about too, besides sending forum and thread, you need to authenticate users who post, so all of that needs to both be sent to the mail recipient and received by your mail server.

unless you send an html email w/ a submit button on it, you'll need a specialized smtp server for that.


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still waiting for that Ferrari.  big_smile

but seriously, the current version is absolutely more than I'll ever use.  I wouldn't migrate to 1.3 even if it came out today just because there would be too much work for me, and new versions (especially substantially newer versions) still have to grow legs, which means even more work.

recompile apache w/ mysql support.


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from a game developers (pc based game development) standpoint, microsoft and sony have flooded the game development world with their "easy to integrate" dev kits.  I haven't heard nor seen anything from nintendo, so from where I sit, wii seems like a novelty with xbox and playstation dug in deep.  It looks to me like nintendo is going to stick w/ the "only on nintendo" mantra, where the other 2 are providing console versions of normal pc games (which IMO is a pretty smart business move).


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Jarkko wrote:

Wii looks nice, and I'd want it mostly for the new Legend of Zelda. Too bad it gets quite expensive here in Finland: The console ?269.90 + a game ?69.90 = ?339.80 ($452,64). And if I want an extra controller (who wouldn't want to play it with friends?), that's ?49.90 (or ?77.80 if I want the nunchuck too) == ?389.70 ($519.12). You'd get a pretty good PC (without a monitor) here with that money. hmm

LOL that was my excuse for not getting an xbox 360, so instead of getting a 400 dollar console I bought a  5,000 (USD) computer.

looks like I should have waited a year and gone w/ the ps3 instead.



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elbekko wrote:

Oh dear, no.

Is it called 'The cane fight' or something?

LMAO, thats awesome!

interesting... I thought they ran phpbb (maybe it was just the god-awful theme they have).


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If you don't get it solved before I'm done; I'm about to modify the registration process on my forum.  I'll share it when I'm done.  It will stop folks from being able to register w/ a bogus email addresses, and allow banning based on a regular expression pattern (like *@somedomain.com) and possibly have a form of captcha included.


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log into phpmyadmin (if you have it) and delete the record w/ your name on it,  or change your name (and email addr) to the guy who banned you.