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Vanslyde wrote:

Thanks Patrik I was having the exact same problem with 1.2.16
I removed $destination_url = 'index.php'; and cleared the cache folder, now it behave the way I like it to (i.e not redirecting to the index) : )

Here's my current section in function.php

// Display $message and redirect user to $destination_url
function redirect($destination_url, $message)
    global $db, $pun_config, $lang_common, $pun_user;

     // Prefix with o_base_url (unless it's there already) 

     if (strpos($destination_url, $pun_config['o_base_url']) !== 0) 
         $destination_url = $pun_config['o_base_url'].'/'.$destination_url; 
     // Do a little spring cleaning 
     $destination_url = preg_replace('/([\r\n])|(%0[ad])|(;[\s]*data[\s]*:)/i', '', $destination_url);

Great that helped you too! Though I still have some problems with 1.2.16 when I use some plugins (AP_Links_with_category and AP_Affiliates), so I switched back to this code in functions.php

 // Prefix with o_base_url (unless it's there already)
          if ($destination_url == '')
          $destination_url = 'index.php';


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Smartys wrote:

Paste your code so we can take a look at it? wink

I should think before I post :=)
I figured out I forgot to remove $destination_url = 'index.php'; in functions.php in update 1.2.16.


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When I post new topic or if I send private message etc I am always redirected to the first index.php page
Its the same if I change in admin options. After my settings are made I go to index.php
Anyone how knows the problem with it?

Lati@s wrote:
Paul wrote:

4. Change the file permissions of your forum/cache diretory to 777 using your ftp software
5. Change the file permissions of your forum/img/avatars directory to 777 using your ftp software

I really didn't get this one.
Should I rename the forum/cache directory to 777? :S

quaker wrote:

huh? create the config.php and go from there.


I can't find out the stuff to write in config.php at PhpMyAdmin. Where is it?

I really think you should check out My PunBB instead.


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I am not sure if this is a bug in PunBB, but a problem for sure.

When I try to register a new name in for example PunBB and by mistake confirm with a wrong e-mail address and then go back from the info page the register button is locked up. This happens to me in Firefox Version The same happens if you confirm wrong image verification and go back from info page. I have to refresh the register page to get it to work.
Sorry if somebody already reported this, but I could not find it anywhere.

I do not get this problem in IE6 however.


chipmunk wrote:

"An error was encountered
Error: Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'."

Hi guys, this message is on the page when i try to connect to my forum, "http://www.chipmunk.gr/upload"

i run my database in a windows server!this is the problem?and if yes how can i solve it?


If you use IIS go to the directory cache and under security add
write access for account IUSR_*Computername*. Then it should work fine.

If someone charge for mods, I think all money income should be sent to Rickard. That would be fair.

Very nice integrated. The band is great too. I love "Funeral".

Nice. I really like this mod. Thanks ! I also like your gallery with Lightbox JS. Is the full code for that implementation a secret?

Here is my main.tpl. I use Miniportal.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">

"Removed because it did not help"


more like a cookie problem. Accept cookies on the forum and try agian..

My host is PHP: 4.3.11


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Hi, I use WinSCP, and like it alot.

Endre wrote:

I have a problem getting output from extern.php when including it in the main.tpl.
There is no output whatsoever.
I tried a simple

<?php include('http://www.site.com/forum/extern.php?action=stats'); ?>

but that didn't work.
So I read a little in this forum, and decided to try the pun_include, and I put this code in main.tpl:

<pun_include "http://www.site.no/forum/extern.php?action=stats">

But that didn't work either. What am I doing wrong?

I read through a bunch of other threads regarding extern.php, but couldnt find the answer hmm

Here is a fix. In include/user make a script called for example _extern.php
For example:

<?php include "http://community.webzine.se/extern.php? … amp;fid=13";?

Then in main.tpl include
For example:

<pun_include "_extern.php">


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klacksa wrote:

Hi all just release a new style for you
Preview and download here
Have fun wink

I have tried to register on your site, but I newer receive any email. I have tried the forget button too, but no email....

johan wrote:

How do i add a "recent post" box to the awsome Miniportal.
I read about extern.php. but idont think my webhost allows it i get allkinds of error msg.

Any workarounds?

i tryed to add a  box in main.tpl and no problem there. but were to add the php command

<? include('http://www.zetterstrom.info/lhs/extern.php?action=new&show=10&fid=16'); ?>

another thing shouldent i see something when i type in
http://www.zetterstrom.info/lhs/extern. … amp;fid=16
in the adress bar in IE?

/ Johan

Hi. Try adding ex following in main.tpl

<pun_include "http://www.zetterstrom.info/lhs/extern. … amp;fid=16">

Ludo wrote:
Patrik wrote:

http://community.webzine.se/ (its in swedish tough).

Does it use the miniportal?


Yes, it does.

downliner wrote:

I have been working on integrating my punbb message board into my site and things have been going well so far. I just wanted a little inspiration or ideas from other integrators.

If your site and message board both have a similar style/theme please post your link if you dont mind me taking a look.


-only posted this as I cant be bothered going through every single thread picking out all the links. Most of them are dead or changed now as I found out sad

Here you have my hompage. http://community.webzine.se/ (its in swedish tough).


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keemor wrote:

The opiton Use search Yes/No in groups administration doesn't work

in userlist.php there's:

if ($pun_user['g_read_board'] == '0')
    message($lang_common['No view']);

and should be:

if ($pun_user['g_read_board'] == '0')
    message($lang_common['No view']);
else if ($pun_user['g_search_users'] == '0')
    message($lang_search['No search permission']);

also in functions.php function generate_navlinks()
i've added:

if ($pun_user['g_search_users'] == '1')    $links[] = '<li id="navuserlist"><a href="userlist.php">'.$lang_common['User list'].'</a>';

It works for me smile

greetings !

I think you should edit profile.php then too. In profile you may have information on emails for spam purposes.

Here is also a demo site


I have edited the design alittle and some lang adjustments in the mod, and some news.

I added the following to profile.php (more design issue).

// Tell header.php to use the admin template
define('PUN_ADMIN_CONSOLE', 1);

Thanks Connorhd for real nice mod. Its seems to work out fine.

AlexeyZ wrote:

Some users of my forum cannot log in: they type correct username and password.

Then "Logged In. Redirecting...". And, finnaly, "Your are not logged in"

I have analyzed server logs, and noticed, that requests from their IPs look like
"GET /forum/index.php HTTP/1.0" 200 7688

But for other users, I see: "GET /forum/index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 2375

All other things are the same (cookies are enabled, no frames or redirects)

I think I had one of this problems before, and if I do not remember wrong I had to delete the cookie and then
it worked agian.


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Paul wrote:

Try it, I managed 329.4.

320,5 on 20 tries.


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Updated from 1.15 to 1.2.2 according to the manual. Worked without no problems at all. Thanks Rickard. Great job!