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Thank you very much it worked!


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I went to my forums today and got this message:

Unable to fetch guest information. The table 'punbb_users' must contain an entry with id = 1 that represents anonymous users.

sorry wrong forum, I was in such a hurry to post :'(


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I am having problems with my text size on my forums. I made my forums so they look like my website but now some text is to big. Look at the menu, header and footer on my main site: http://www.raivestudios.com
Now look at the menu, header and footer on my forums: http://www.raivestudios.com/forums

Can anyone help?

but what should I change???

Okay I am trying to connect two forums and I just need to know how I can add another base url so that the other forum can admin, edit etc.

well I was playing around and I tried this from the extern file:
<?php include('http://www.raivestudios.com/forums/extern.php?action=new&show=3&fid=29'); ?>
and it works alright but its not what I want because I also want a snip it from the actual news post too.

What part of the posts tell them what forum it goes in? because I need topics and post just from a specific forum.

Hi, I am wanting to put my news on my website with a title and so many characters from the post (I can do the characters part) but I don't know which tables to get the data from.


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Hi I remember reading somewhere that you were able to connect two punbb forums on different websites so that they have the same post users etc, how do you do this. I am able to connect two of them to have that but if you change the data such as the name it will change on both sites or if you change the Base URL on one site it will change on the other.


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it looks alright but I dont think ill register lol


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this can be locked I got it done smile


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I have moved servers and I need to restore my database, I used the back up plugin so how do I restore it now?

yea, Mike has it right

is there a mod or plugin that you can install where it will notify users when there is a new topic in a specified forum?

I keep getting this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ';' in /home/raive/public_html/forums/include/functions.php on line 1065


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Rows: 38190
Size: 3.94 MB

Hi, I am curios is there a way on my forums so I could make it that when an admin posts a message it has a different color post background then the other users?


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On Denver Dave's list with the 2nd mod when the users do not show up on the user list do they also not show up with the total user number?


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Denver Dave wrote:

My experience with forum spam is radically different !  I noticed that several of the boards that I visit are using PunBB, so I thought I'd pay a visit.  I run several boards with another popular BB system.  Until this year, I would have had similar opinions to those expressed about forum spam.  However, this year things have changed.  My boards, like many others have had constant spamming. 

I encourage you to incorporate robust anti-spam measures into PunBB.

Current anti-spam measures that I have in place now on my boards - some requiring modifications:

(1) Image verification for registration - helps some, would like one that is harder to crack.  Also would like the option for image verification on posts.

(2) Memberlist does not list members with 0 posts.  If you have an option to sort by joined descending, you may find that spammers are in under your radar and using their website links in the memberlist to advertise porn sites, etc.  We do not list members with 0 posts and plan on deleting all members without posts once a month with a script.

(3) I have never allowed Guest posts.

(4) Tried user (email), none and admin authorization - user (email) seemed to work the best in my situation - admin would be better if you know the registrants.

(5) Admin notify on all new posts (probably should also have on replies) - each new post generates an email to 3 admins - the first one to be available checks out the posts and either replies if they have something to say or deletes the post if spam - we try to be fast and get the spam off as quickly as possible.  Would prefer to have an option to only notify for posts if a new or non-trusted member, but have not implemented this yet.

(6) Considering banning all registrations with .ru address, but have not done this yet.

(7) I really want an Easy De-Spam button where with one click on a post, an administrator can delete the user and all posts for the user.

With the above, we have made a definite difference in reducing spam, but I would have to say that automated and real people spammers are better at adjusting and getting on boards than I am at defending the boards.  Any additional ideas greatly appreciated.

If your message board has much traffic and does not have a problem with forum spam, consider yourself lucky and I can't help wondering if you and I must be on different planets - or maybe spam is on its way.

Would you be able to give me the links to thoughs mods.


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10 is easy tongue



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thats good to know smile


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On a scale of 1 to 10 how easy is PunBB to integrate the login to work with other parts of the website?


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thanks, I still need to fix a couple bugs, one is in all browsers and the other is just in IE.


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Is there some what of a mod where you can use it to place php in a template file. I have used one before with other stuff but I didn't code it.


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I just got my forums skinned today and I JUST switched over to this forums software from phpBB because I kept getting spam accounts that would advertise there sites and not post. Anyway please give me some of your thoughts, the theme is a slight modification from the default one so it fits with my site.

Forums URL: http://forums.raivestudios.com/