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Waltzing Matilda

That beautiful song was Australia to me
before "Crocodile Hunter" aired on TV

He was crazy, brash, exuberant and fun
I never saw another do what he'd done

A pioneer in his field, a man with fight
he brought a gorgeous Australia to sight

So full of dedication, enthusiasm and grit
for the sanctity of wildlife--his passion was lit

For the land and the animals his purpose was filled
yet I think too soon his bright, helping spirit was stilled

He cried for that which moved him and all that he loved
for the critters, his family on earth and his mother above

When I think of his passing I can scarce breathe
while I pray for his loved ones, as the world grieves

As tears fill my eyes so that I can not see
would someone play "Waltzing Matilda" for me

...Thank you Steve Irwin, and family...


Copyright 2006 Kathy Pippig Harris