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Looks good ^^ I see you're using the sexyblack style big_smile

Maybe you can use the extra profile fields mod on punres?

Here's a text truncate function:

function text_chop($text, $length) {
    if(strlen($text) > $length) {
        $text = substr($text, 0, $length)."...";  // instead of the ... you set an other ending message
    return $text;

How to use:

echo text_chop("here the message.",40); // message ends after 40 characters

Just look one punres.org.

You can change the navigation links somewhere in include/functions.php

And with this:
Yuo can add a logo.



I like it, I was searching for something like this. I seen you mod before I think.

But do you have a light version that loads faster? Or is it easy to custumize the interface?


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I use crimson editor for all the coding (php/css/xhtml).

Just make multiple templates and pages.

Yes, I have posted them only for testing.

Doesn't the host have a online filemanager where you can set permissions of files like the filemanager of CPanel.

Only some testing posts.

I want to copy all the topics and posts to an other forum.

How can I transfer (for example) the topics, posts and user from ForumA to ForumB?
I have tried exporting and importing SQL, but it didn't work.


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I'll never switch to phpbb again. It's to difficult to modify.

I can't wait! When will it be released? About 3 or 4 months?

The download link doesn't work.


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Scrin, it's some sort of clan. I've started Scrin about 2 years ago with two friends of mine.
We don't have much members, most of them are friends of mine. The games we play are Ogame and where working on two other games, ROSE Online and C&C Renegade.

First we had just a html site, that was the first time I build a real site... Then I installed a phpBB forum.
But I didn't like it. It was slow and I couldn't edit it, it was to hard for me.

Then I searched for another forum and I found PunBB. And I liked it. It was not to hard to edit the .php files and there where loads of mods available and styles. And now I use it for Scrin.

Thats my story.

Here is the link:

ShawnBrown wrote:

I was thinking about this and decided to write a demo: As-you-type Preview

As is, the script isn't ready to use in a live forum--it would need to be part of a mod package. If someone (bedroom?) wants to use this code in a future mod, go right ahead.

How can I get this into my forum?

that was the 10th mod, but there are some errors in the filemanager of the host I can't change the files of my first forum (I've got 2 forums). I'm planning to go to an other host.

I've remove the mod's mysql with phpmyadmin and I've changed the files to normal.
And I see still nothing. Or is it possible that the host has an error?

After I installed the male/female 1.0 mod. All I see is a blank space.
How can I solve this problem.