the files on are not working for me sad

Is there a step-by-step install available? The readme that was included with the file was a bit vague, I don't know where I should add the code in functions.php (I'm running a modded punbb)

I bought the flaschat script mentioned above ( , $5)  and it does al that and more. It shouldn't be too hard to integrate it into punbb if you have some php skills..And if you do please give me the howto wink

quaker wrote:

flashchat at
they have the integrations files u need for user..
works very nicely in punbb....

I really like the flashchat, but I want to integrate it into my punbb installation...There is a hack available in the code depot from tufat, but it doesn't seem to work on my modded punbb sad

I have a small problem with this mod :

Any hints on why this is happening?