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elbekko wrote:

Well, that would be because this forum has confirmation turned on. This implies that all users signing up need to click a confirmation link and use the sent password the first time they sign up.

And how would that be set?
Wouldn't it be better if users choose their own passwords but then just can't post till they receive an activation link? Is that possible with PunBB?

elbekko wrote:

As an admin, go to their profile and click Administration

Ca marche! Thanks :-)

elbekko wrote:

It's the process of removing posts older than a set time.

I don't want that! It's not done automatically, right? I didn't set any number of days.
But there is a "yes" for this "When enabled sticky topics will also be pruned.". Should I change it?


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Alright :-)
Get prepared for some "easy" questions, that may sound dump to you :-)

1- Why does my registration form differ from the one you have in here? Mine makes the user registered right away, no mail sent, nor many pages to submit. You can choose the password, it's not imposed!

2- How can I make a member be an admin or mod?

3- What's pruning? o_O


(18 replies, posted in PunBB 1.2 troubleshooting)

I am not sure I am in the right place..But is this where I can ask my "stupid" questions about PunBB?

I just installed the forum this morning, and I am far away of being a webmaster, so I am having some little difficulties.

May I ask questions in here then? smile