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Li Bai
The sunlit Censer peak exhales a wreath of cloud;
Like an upended stream the cataract sounds loud.
Its torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high;
As if the Silver River fell from azure sky.


Watching The Lu Mountain Falls
Li Bai
purple smoke rises from the mountaintop
the peak looks like an incense burner in the sunlight
far away I see the valley stretching before me
the whole waterfall hangs there
the torrent dropping three thousand feet
straight down to the valley floor
I think it must be the milky way
spilling to the earth from the heavens

??????? .


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coolhd wrote:

Translation for Chinese is get ready.
Anyone wants to get a test in chinese can go to here.
Chinese for Punbb 1.3 beta

Well done!
However I am still working on another version of simplified Chinese translation, as some expressions may various between simplified chinese and traditional chinese.


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it's really not easy to handle something like this, as one extension may have codes for different hooks. can we have something like z-index (or compile order) defined within the xml file? like <hook id='hookid' corder='5'>hook code</hook> ? smile just thinking...

we all have the same feeling, however, we all have to wait a bit.

i think there will be an upgrading script available together with 1.3


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??????????><?php die();


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Assume Extension 1 is something like this

echo "<div>this is extension 1</div>";

and extension 1 is installed at hook id 1

after a while i would like to install extension 2 also at hook id 1 which is like this

echo "<div>this is extension 2</div>";

and for some reasons, i would like to have extension 2 echoed out before extension 1. How would i do this? is there any method that i can control the compile order of extensions within the same hook? thanks!


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i got the idea how to upgrade the extension, it's really fantastic one. but i think it would be better to use the button with caption "Upgrade" rather than "Install", i think it's possible to do it.


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If I install extension which will have something to do with database, how i can update this extension? As i cannot simply delete and reinstall, as it will also delete data. Thanks!


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just in case you don't use a lot of hacks in your 1.2.* smile

yes, indeed, i was also thinking if it's possible to provide a feature to run punbb in safe-mode, just in case some extensions create serious problems that blocking normal access to the forum.

I am reading the code of the extension system, and a question pops-up, hope someone could help me out. smile

consider the following code

//hook place 1
//e.g. extension1 code will be place here
$myvar = 1;

/******some other php codes*************/

//hook place 2
//another extension using the same var name
$myvar = "that's bad";

/******some other php codes*************/

//hook place 3
//extension1 will use the $myvar
if ($myvar===1) //do something

as you can see, it might create conflicts if there are vars using same name, i don't know if the 1.3 has already handled this, if yes, how? if no, hope we can avoid this problem then. Thanks. PunBB is really a fantastic application! I love it!


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My new site using punbb. Check it out! no mod installed, waiting for 1.3.



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I have a problem with the font in firefox. The english font size is correct, but the chinese font is too small. how to solve this problem? thank you. ??????
the problem doesn't apply in IE


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could you provid ur code maybe


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Thanks!  It works!


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First, I would like to say many thanks to the developers of punBB. and i am definitly going to use it for my own forum. Just one small problem, when the forum has two languages setup (simplifid chinese and english), when the user change language settings in his profile, the chinese words in forum will become meaningless rubbish words. I think (not sure) the problem is coming from the encode of language php files.because the simplified chinese language pack is encoded in UTF-8, i don't think that english language pack is using UTF-8, not in my dreamwaver. So  i suggest, if it's possible to change all language files to UTF-8, or else just force header of the chinese language files. Thank you!


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