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For example you have this line in your config.php:

$cookie_seed = 'xxxxxxxx';

Then replace it with something like this:

$cookie_seed = 'xxxxxxxx275be39a';

or this:

$cookie_seed = '275be39axxxxxxxx';

or this:

$cookie_seed = '275be39fewqhf342qw4132oh423fdiuqwha';

or this:

$cookie_seed = '21212121dsafasxxxxxxxxfdsffafa3123123';

I hope it's clear now.

Thanks guys for the update!


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Rickard, I'm sorry if this question has been answered anywhere else (I couldn't find the answer though), but would you release security patches for the 1.2.x versions after 1.3 is released? It seems that I won't need the functionality of 1.3 and it would be too hard to upgrade to 1.3 for me (a lot of self-written code, many changes to CSS etc).

Thanks for your work, I'm glad it's paid now.


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It's very cool.


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Yes these are the MD5 hash encrypted passwords. That's what you need.

dontodd wrote:

I like the idea of banning TLD's. I've never had a valid registration from .ru, .info, .ua, .ws, .tv etc.

Good. But I have 99% of valid registrations from .ru (a Russian forum) ;-)

On the topic: I now have my post.php placed on another subdomain and bots do not understand where they should go to post something (although the percent of registered bots is pretty high) :) Just a possible idea.

Edit (a better explanation of what I mean):

the login.php is located at: http://forums.example.tld/login.php
the post.php is located at: http://cool.forums.example.tld/post.php