Yes, I found that myself the other day.  The flaw exists in the installation instructions.  Nice mod once it's working smile

I'm getting just 1 issue with this mod now:

1 - After adding, editing, or deleting an event, I get a blank page.   The event is inserted, updated or deleted, but no confirmation page or re-direct.

Any ideas...?

Thanks in advance.

ok.  it is just on my development machine at the moment but I will upload it tomorrow and provide a link.


ok.  I have the calendar displaying but it just doesn't inherit a style from the profile.... it looks very basic.  I want to pick up the style from the user's profile (obviously).

It is also missing the messageboard header... I just get an unformatted calendar page.

Can anyone help?

Ok, solved that.  Change the index.php, huh?  smile

(I didn't see a mention of that in the readme!)

Now working on giving it a style.

Well I am probably missing something basic, but I have applied the Calendar mod to my system and I simply can't see a calendar :-/

I can see the Birthday in the profile and the Calendar Settings too (which don't re-direct after saving, by the way, but they do seem to save).  But I just don't see the calendar anywhere or see how to add an 'Event' into the system.

Can anyone help?

I am using CMS Made Simple with an integrated PunBB.   I have changed all references (I believe) to '$db->' into '$pun_db->' in the calendar php files (as required by the CMS), and ensured that all the modded sections have this replacement syntax too.

But, no calendar.   Not sure if it is supposed to appear on the board index or on the actual forum.. I just don't see one at all sad


Thanks smile


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Not sure if this helps, but I'm using CMS Made Simple with PunBB integrated...  and I can't run the install_mod without making changes.

In CMS Made Simple, to run install_mod, the 'db->' queries need to be 'pun_db->', and then they will run.

I thought the issue reported here might be a similar thing.

Just so that you know, I have extended this mod slightly on my PunBB installation.

I run a forum that is kept very private until registrations are approved, and so I had a need to hide the online users and the last registered user, but felt that it was also helpful to hide the post counts etc..

This can be done by adding the If statement in section 18 of the readme, to the Index.php where the stats are fetched (well, actually I just used the second part of the If statement relating to g_view_user).

It's not perfectly pretty, as the titles 'last registered user' & the post count titles still appear but with no data next to them.  I guess the Index.php could be modded further so that that whole section is done as php output, and then supressed using the If statement described, but it works just fine as it is.

Just thought I would highlight that as something easy to do.

Very good mod - thanks, I needed it.