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Okay, so I added a multiquote feature to PunBB
(example: http://www.dr-code.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=202 )

Should I release it as a mod? Is there any interest in this, and if I do release it as a mod, how should I do that? How do i make those diff files, should I just take any diff program and generate one, or should i use the one everyone else seems to be using?

Oh, thats just great..  FireFox didnt like forms placed like that..  shit.

Edit 2-
Even greater, when i replace the files and put them like they were before i still get the same problem, so now i dont know if its something wrong with the multiquote or if its something i did before..


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Thanks for the link, i looked it through and it seems like its really only one thing that is really serious, but i dont have register globals on so its ok..


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Is there some kind of description of all of the more serious security bugs since PunBB 1.1.1..  I have a forum installed where i did quite a lot of manual modifications, so it would be nice if there was some way of doing the fixes manually..
Or should i just wait for 1.2 and redo all my changes?


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Uhm, show you code..

Im getting an error in profile.php, it skips any theme settings and adds this to the end on the page:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ']' in /homepages/5/d94930464/htdocs/forums/include/pms/profile_quicksend.php on line 24

Right now i have just removed the quicksend include in profile.php, but does anyone know what causes this problem?