Hi Khalid-S
No yet, in fact now i am not interested with PunBB but you can use cssFlip


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I like to say Good Luck to all developers for next PunBB release.

Check this mod


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I think in the next year he will choose a C sharp

Is there any tools make my WinXP look like as Win 3.11?


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I played a long time with my friends Worms Armageddon

Tools -> Options ->Maintenance -> Store Folder -> Change -> "D:\Outlook Express"


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All you need is money, or nice tongue. with this two things you can get the other ones.


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We have no any law for licenses in Syria, you can buy a media (like CD) with any songs you want with media price plus the profit for seller, so we not have that education of it.

I remember old juke about poor man smelled a meat roast and take (eat) a bread with the smelling, the Man butcher catch him and ask to pay, the poor man can not pay for smelling so he get a some of coins and make clank with it and say to butcher "listen to this is clank voice and take it (the voice) as a paid for the smelling".


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I believe any good music must be free for all

Some one must talk about "Open Music" instead of "Open Source", and release music with GPL License tongue

BTW, not my style of music, but I like it anywho

You share that with many Arabic people, it is ancient song, it is like as opera beside the new fashion songs, i post it for exchange the educations over the world, i like to have ancient songs from other countries, special from Asia.


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We here believe an Ancient music must be Free for all.


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It is ancient Arabic song with new fresh voice.

Artist: Lina Shmamian
Title: Lamma bada yatathana

Title in english mean: When she seem to be sway (i am translated it tongue )

Picture of the artist


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There is another point make .NET better it is multi languages (C#, VB, Delphi.NET) all of them can generate IDL, and i think it is the fall of Java creator, i know it is just syntax, but programming language it in last is a syntax.

There is pascal can generate pure Java application http://www.midletpascal.com/


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Yes for that i said "is a old reason" wink , but now i must start from zero and must re choose again.


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There is a old reason for not Choosing Java
- Java not support RTL languages (my Arabic) Delphi do it.
.NET is from Microsoft and it is the best supporting multi languages special for Arabs smile

- My customer like .NET system (Ask them why), because it is the new thing from Microsoft nothing else, so i have plan to make scripts or code for 2 languages (.NET and MONO) and provide it to my customer as .NET application.

Try http://www.httrack.com/

When you post it, what language your are used in your profile?


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MadHatter, i think we need another 10 years to take a decision about this case smile , before 10 years (or more) i was make discusses about Java and Delphi with my coworker, but now Delphi dead and many of languages was born.

I can wait, if my age allow me to do that tongue


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Nop, .net not free because you can not use it without Windows smile .
My Friend start to discover the XUL...


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Mixing, Free and Non free it is not good idea PHP and .NET, and what the useful behind that?

If i going with Microsoft i thing i will with her language C# not warping over it with PHP or Delphi.NET, that make to guarantee with more years support my code.

Let us return to the free and open source, Here in Syria, Microsoft products are very very expensive, and we all use cracked ones because can not Buy and Can not Pay (Black listed tongue ), so if i want to be honest i must pay or choose open source products, and that my plan for 10 past years ago, and there is one thing i must leave it, it is Windows, after that my choices shrinks to Mono, PHP, Linux.


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You opened my wounds, i have tons of code and experiences in Delphi and i must throw in the trash, no problem

And the really ask now, what the way we can choose for next 10 years of coding.

C# or PHP , Mono or something else?

I want to draw Forms and make chart how my app work, without generate the code, just presentation how will i do the application. it is like make a general plan for your work.


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I carry 2 stick in my pocket
1- 256m NTFS format and encrypted for my backup of source
2- 1G SD stick with TiniUSB slot i used for downloads or images for my camera.

But it is dangerous to put your work on it because stick always some day will dead, and fail to work, you must make backups to hard disk.

In my company we have a new generation of customer ask to describe our application before making a contract, or when analyze there job.
I need a tools developed for Windows or PHP to draw a Forms and comments it, then give it to our customers.
What kind of this tools name (i heard about VISIO) but i am search for Free tools.


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I am at www.realvaluehosting.com and this is my third year with them, that have good support.