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The page is waaay too wiiide.
And yeah, the words are not where they are supposed to be.

Thanks for your replies.

First of all, if I'm bringing up this subject, please read the following page (thanks):

Well, I finished translating PunBB 1.3.2 completely into Hebrew, and the only thing left is to align it correctly Right To Left.

Look @ the demo site (which isn't aligned correctly, since it's not that easy to align PunBB 1.3 into RTL):

I know that someone from here (with the user "zaher"), made an RTL Mod for PunBB 1.2.
I really think that RTL support shouldn't be a mod, but a built-in feature.

zaher (or anyone  else who know how to align PunBB 1.3 into RTL), if you're reading this, please post instructions on how to align PunBB 1.3 completely into RTL, thanks alot!

Link I can't provide, since I already installed PunBB 1.3.2, but there's an error with install.php on the first time when you run it.

Take a fresh 1.3.2 copy, and check install.php out on a new folder or something, and you'll see the error on the bottom of the page.

The other problem is like I said, when you select the installer language, when you reach the last step (the one where you download config.php), the language is English, when it should be the language that you chose (in my case - Hebrew).

Try for yourself on an example copy of PunBB 1.3.2, and you'll see.

Thanks for your reply. smile

It seems that the PHP error (of a missing language phrases), is still there.

Also, after I set a language (Hebrew, for example), and continue to the final step (where I'm supposed to download config.php), the whole text is in the English language.

Just wanted to let you know. smile


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In English\userlist.php, the exact phrase 'Perform new search' appears twice, with the same text.


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'Updates version n hf' -> on that language phrase:


should be <strong>, instead of strong>.

English\login.php (this is for translators):

// Language definitions used in delete.php

should be login.php


'Report flood' => 'At least %s seconds have to pass between reports. Please wait a while and try sending again.',

I think that this should be changed to "try reporting again".

I'm getting close to finish the Hebrew translation of PunBB 1.3.1, if I'll find more glitches, I'll update this topic.

Good day. smile


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Well, it's been a long time since I last posted here, and I'm sorry to hear that Rickard will not be in the development team anymore, but, I'm happy that PunBB is still alive and kicking (e.g. PunBB 1.3 wink).

Well, I translated PunBB 1.2.x into Hebrew, and the translation is available.

I started working on PunBB 1.3.x Hebrew translation, and it's going well.
I finished translating the ACP completely.

I'll post an update when I'll complete the translation of PunBB.


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Thanks Rickard!


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Well, thanks for the heads up...
But somehow I always forget to use the Search feature...

I hope I'll remember to use it next time.


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ffs? What's ffs?


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In order to prevent spam registrations, a generated combination of images should be displayed while registering.

What do you think?

Looks very cool. smile Good luck!


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I guess you know what you're talking about. Thanks!


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I posted 2 topics and then went to the Index.
Clicked on Mark all Mark all topics as read, after that, I was redirected to the Index again, and my topics were still marked as unread.

What could have cause this?

Thanks pogenwurst and Smartys.
I'm glad to hear that the code tag is handled only inside include/parser.php.


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Take a look @ the following image:


Is this a bug?

Can you please tell me where can I find all of the code outputs? I want to make that when people are entering a code, it'll be shown in LTR direction (like it should be).

(remember - I need all of the code outputs)

Thanks for the helpers.

Edit: I found 1 output in line 430 in include/parser.php
Is there any more files that outputs the code?


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Well, I guess that after 3 years (or about 4), we're BACK!
The new PunBBHeb homepage is http://punbbheb.official.ws

Check it out!


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Good luck dude, I hope you'll figure it out...
Thanks for your hard work.


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Some guest wrote:

When I'll finish translating the PunBB Hebrew and release it, is it ok to write 1 line after Version 1.0.1 (instead of Rikard Anderson thingy) Translated into Hebrew by the PunBBHeb team?

LOL, I finished translating it yesterday.
The address is http://punbbheb.official.ws

Check it out.


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Well, I'm glad you'll fix it on 1.3, but is there any temporary solution to the Opera problem?


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Oh, I see. Thanks!


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But there are some peoples that are using this syntax:
http://www.url.com. Blah blah blah...

So if you can fix it, it'll be great.


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My server? Well, if you say so...


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The last dot (appending @ php.), should be not included in the URL.

Not sure if this a bug, if it isn't, move this topic.

Thanks for the replies!