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Benny wrote:

how you changed the size of the tables?
i don't now how..
can you help me plz?


Here's my stylesheet. Section #10 holds my own little tweaks. The thing you're after is probably my own little wrap. I made a new layer in the templates to simple surround the main forum parts. (that excludes the menu and the bottom of the page) Take a look at the sourcecode if you don't know what I mean. (the "embracing layer" is called "octobitwrap"...)

There's also a layer (DIV-tag) called "punwrap" by default. I simple set a width for it, and then tweaked my own "octobitwrap", to get the main tables more compact and centralized (is that a proper word, btw?).

Well, you can have a look at the default stylesheet, as mentioned. Good luck.


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No, I took care of it. My DirectoryIndex were set to Index.html/.php, etc, so...

Thanks a bunch. smile


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Paul wrote:

If you go to http://www.octobit.org/forum/ the page identifies itself as "Index" with a capital "I". This is a problem. PunBB assigns an id based on the page name which should be "index" with a lowercase "i". Header also only outputs p.conr where the page is "index" not "Index".

Okay. And, ehm... how do I solve that? (is there a way to change how the site identifies itself when opened through the DirctoryIndex-setting in Apache?)


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Hm. Now that's weird. Never thought of that. big_smile

http://www.octobit.org/forum/ should be the same as http://www.octobit.org/forum/index.php. Very odd.

EDIT: The "DIV#brdwelcome p.conr" is missing in the first adress. Anyone now why that is?

Have earlier showed the site, but now we're running PunBB-1.2:


Laid out by myself. smile


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Downloaded 1.2 the other night and spend my entire evening on modifing the CSS to get just what I wanted. PunBB is like a good movie - you can't get too much of it!

Just keep update, Rickard, and bring us those looovely lines of code! The 1.2-release really surprised me. I was afraid that some of my own modification would have to be rewritten to suit the 1.2-style, but it turned out that all the mods I've been doing was already included as standard. Saves me lots of work. smile

The philosophy of PunBB is just what I want. Thanks a bunch!


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Up and running - http://www.octobit.org/forum

I'm planning on integrate the forum with the newsscript on the mainsite, so the visitors can easily comment the news. It wasn't possible to do this with the extern.php, so I guess I have to code it myself. wink

Thanks for an excellent forum, Mr. Andersson! (just like in Matrix - "Mr. Andersson"!)