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does it fix?:


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Hi, I'm using the punres fulltext search mod in 1.2 now, and dropped 50MB search_  tables.



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for spam control to be effective you should use your own custom code in the signup. (piece of cake to add an extra step)
I did it in phpbb2 which is plagued by spambots

haven't noticed any for punbb1.2

doh, yes but 4k was a tipping point.


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5.0 here, your reasons sound good, utf8 is the futare (and should be the present!;))

proweb, It may be you can increase this 4k limit by increasing mysql cachesizes , or pop in some ram,
phpmyadmin offers good debugging for this in recent versions.

look for red numbers under "Show MySQL runtime information"


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Jérémie: it may make sense to you, but it prevents you from  '"Ki-Duk"' searches with the default ft index word length (4) which is counterintuitive. and 'Ki-Duk' doesn't return anything either because the split words are sub 4.

Just wanted to point out this behaviour to save you some headache. According to the mysql bugtrack forum - and & and ' can be hacked to be parts of words, but this can have consequences for mysql operation. the only clean solution is in mysql 5.1+ via plugin module interface.


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oh just tested something, seems we forgot chasing content we injext with the backend through the search indexing code , so my complaint for 1.2 seraching may not be all that grounded ;p

fulltext search rules though.


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Hi good you fix the broken punbb search, it ages every week on our busy forum.. and never finds relevant posts in proper order, no matter how often I rebuild the 50MB?! index.

Mysql fulltext search is neat, it has some halfdocumented quirks though, some common signs like - and & are not counted as characters belonging to words, and there may be charset limitations in some cases.
(my word was "Ki-Duk" it didn't match with word length 4 (default) but it did with wordlength 2, I searched with "Ki-Duk" (with the quotes) so it should have matched with 4ft world length, but - isn't treated as part of a word)

A few tips: use " AGAINST ('xxx' IN BOOLEAN MODE)" and set the mysql min ft word length to 2 characters, chinese have to put it to 1.
this automatically allows "" and + - searches, it's lovely, it will blow punbb's old method out of the water even with the quirks.

Per default it matches utf8 fine on our hacked to utf8 1.2 board. it treats accented letters the same as non accented (you want this!), untill you double quote the search.

Is there a hack/mod that enables fulltext search in 1.2 available btw?

Hi I solved it in the end by replacing iso-8859-1 with utf-8 in the english language file. I realise this may not be the root cause.

It's probably a php issue, hope it goes away when we upgrade sometime in the future.

The default is on english, and in the per user profile there's no option for another language, as there is none on this forum we're talking on either.

I'm not necesssarily incriminating the forum, just wonder if anyone encountered this before.

1 and 2 represent 2 different forums.

Hello, how can I solve this? it's only with a and the backleaning accent as used in france.

2 forums:

post form input: xàx

1 xàx  in the posts db, and renders it as: xàx
2 xà x in the posts db, and renders it as: x? x

all other accents/letter combinations are ok, even À.
php's mbstring.* seems not responsible for this? but what is? any help welcome.