Hey guys, now it works perfectly smile
Indeed, I had to put 777 chmod to install_mod.php and to use it again, as Clariden said.

Thank you Frank for this nice mod.

Good bye.

I am trying to install and configure Attachment Mod for my PunBB board.
The thing is that I have the same problem than FredrikK, which is the "Unable to move file from: /tmp/phpbTaHmT to /forum/attachments/5b965acd05257c60857c7d24937ead5a/198a17057604be15a9ff95aa6a0a9991.attach." error.

I have given 777 chmod to /forum/attachments folder, so as for the /forum/attachments/5b965acd05257c60857c7d24937ead5a one, and now I don't really know what to do sad

Please, help me smile