Thanks! It turns out it was an issue with the way my editor was saving the file. Once I loaded the file up in Dreamweaver instead, I was able to successfully edit it. The sessions now end when the browser is closed, as I expected.

To add some additional information: when I change some of the coding in the functions.php file like I successfully did a few years ago on Punbb 1.2, it displays a number of 'header already sent' errors at the top of every page. It seems like anytime a change is made to that file, it causes the 'header already sent' problem.

How do I configure/hack Punbb 1.4 to automatically log users out (by ending the session) when they close their browser window? I've tried adjusting some of the expire settings in the code and they remain logged in even after all browser windows have closed.


Is there any way to link Punbb with the Squirrelmail imap client?
I would ideally like to be able to login to Punbb and automatically be logged into squirrelmail and be able to click a link and open Squirrelmail, without having to login again.

Anyone know of any scripts that do this?

You can use the following code:
<pun_include "page.php">

and it will include PHP files in the tpl file.

Thanks, that took care of one error message.

I think we are getting closer. Thanks for the help.
Now if we can just get the layout fixed...

I have added custom CSS coding to the main.tpl file. This is the exact same coding that the rest of my site uses.

On the rest of the site, it displays properly in IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Netscape. However, in Punbb, it only displays properly in IE6.
If anyone is familiar with this glitch and wants to see exactly what I'm talking about, go to:   (add http at the beginning)

and go to to see what the rest of the site template should look like (with the page centered, and borders around the main content.

I am stumped and do not know how to fix the punbb custom template. I'd appreciate any and all help!

What page is the coding in that needs to be modified?

Thank you, Frank H. It now works smile
I had missed the documentation chapter 1.6 step before (I thought it was the same as the manual).

Awesome mod, by the way. Thanks again for your help.

I just put 100MB as a starting point--the files I am trying to upload are only about 1MB or so.

Right now, I have the following settings for Moderators:
Allow: {All}
Max upload: 100000000
Attachments: 10
Allowed files: {blank, for all}

Allow: Download
Max upload: 100000
Attachments per post: 0 (no upload should be allowed)
Allowed files: blank

Allow: {All}
Max upload: 100000000
Attachments: 1
Allowed files: {blank, for all}

If you were talking about other values, please let me know.

Frank H wrote:

Sounds like you need to setup the mod. Have you followed the installation guide I made? (Especially the parts about "Testing the mod", and "Setup the mod")

Yes, I did follow the installation guide. I just now followed the "testing the mod" steps. I am able to upload the small txt file without problems. If I try to post a Word, Excel, PDF, or GIF file, it will not attach, though (still). I had previously followed the "Setup the mod" steps. I have not setup any restrictions on file type upload. I did increase the maximum file size to 100000000.

Any tips are appreciated!

Eskimobleu- you might want to try editing the CHMOD value in install_mod.php to be 0777. That's what I had to do to get the installation to complete properly.

Everyone- On another note-I got the mod installed fine. I can configure it and the form to upload a file appears, but it never uploads the file. It says "posting, please wait" but when the final post appears, no attachment is present.

Please help! Thanks.