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PunBB breaks 5.a because all FluxBB copyrights are removed.


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grudon66 wrote:
elbekko wrote:

How would they buy FluxBB if the developers don't want to sell it?

They can say they will give 2000000$ for Fluxbb, then the developers will buy it big_smile

big_smile OK! go ahead! And we'll have new fork smile And rich developers wink LOL


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http://punbb.informer.com/forums/viewto … 66#p114166
this post?

Well, every day approximates the release wink


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theSman, you can try to find translated admin_*.php files


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After 1.3 release punBB will become more popular due to hooks feature. It's extremely comfortable smile
I think, soon punBB can leave behind phpbb. But it depends on punBB owner's politics.


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SuperMAG wrote:

does that mean the punbb is sold to the new owner ...


I'm afraid that soon we'll have paid official extensions & support.

There no ads any more smile


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Could you please add a hook to footer.php, line 36. Between

// END SUBST - <!-- pun_main -->

// Hook here

// START SUBST - <!-- pun_stats -->

It is needed when one wants to put  some code after main content is already displayed  but before database queries  displayed and database connection closed.



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Bad news.

What will get and loose punbb users?

All changes that I saw on punbb.informer.com is disgusting ads, that pointing to some kind of soft. E.g. the first link says "forum" but i get page with video player, cd burner, etc...

It's a huge step backwards. Please, tell "the folks who own the PunBB project", that they can earn money in other way.
I'm disappointed.


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will be site available on punbb.org ?

No, such situation is not handled. I think you that if you want to use your own variables, you should give them unique names based on extension id.

This is one of the hooks ideas. You can change values of some variables with your extension code. It's not kind of bug, it's feature. And of corse, mod writers should use these abilities carefully.


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This option (add columns to all forum pages) could be done like this (IMHO, just ideas, code not tested)

<hook id="hd_template_loaded"><![CDATA[
$tpl_main = str_replace('<!-- pun_main -->', '<!-- pun_left_side --><!-- pun_main --><!-- pun_right_side -->', $tpl_main);
<hook id="ft_end"><![CDATA[
// some codes to replace <!-- pun_left_side --> & <!-- pun_right_side -->
// maybe even     
lie2815 wrote:

I already fixed it in the new version which will be released next (whenever that may be...)


lie2815, you still didn't fix the bug daris had reported http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p … 78#p112378

I think that your mailing algoritm contains mistakes. Mail headers are:

To: Webmaster My PunBB forum<aa@aa.aa>
Subject: My PunBB forum NEWSLETTER:
From: Webmaster My PunBB forum<aa@aa.aa>
Bcc: a1@aa.aa
,Bcc: a2@aa.aa
,Bcc: a3@aa.aa

Bcc should be used like this:
Bcc: a1@aa.aa,a2@aa.aa,a3@aa.aa
I think you should look at send_subscriptions() punbb function.


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There is one case when the plugin turns itself off where it shouldn't. It happens when user logs on. Then he is redirected to http://domain/?login=1
And plugin doesn't show portal's front page.

To fix it:

// find
elseif (empty($_GET))
    require PUN_ROOT.'extensions/portal/index.php';

//replace with
elseif (empty($_GET) || (isset($_GET['login']) && count($_GET) == 1))
    require PUN_ROOT.'extensions/portal/index.php';


daris, could you make ability to search not only forum, but pages too. Thanks.

Could you please add ability to show/hide fields in user info (in topic view)

It seems to me, I found a bug. If I use a checkbox and set flag on, I can't turn it then off. It happens because browser (FF doesn't send field name, which is unflagged. And your script changes only fields, whose names it gets (in $_POST['form']['epf#'])

I saw this misprint:

return htmlspecialchars(($value == '1') ? $lang_epf['Yes'] : $lang_epf['Yes']);


$fid = round(str_replace('epf', '', $fid));

I think you should use intval function or regular expressions.


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When folder based URL Scheme is on all topic links are like

If URLs for smiles are generated as you wrote url of image appears to be
It means that browser will try to get image from
http://domain/topic/3/./img/smilies/smile.png == http://domain/topic/3/img/smilies/smile.png

In my case image always will be searched in


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You should use

<img src="<?php echo $base_url.'/img/smilies/'.$smiley_img[$i] ?>

instead of

<img src="<?php echo PUN_ROOT.'img/smilies/'.$smiley_img[$i] ?>

if you don't want to have problems with folder based URL Scheme


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I know, that topic is too old, but I have an idea.

Why can't we store in profile not timezone, but difference between server time & user's time.
User's time we can get through JS smile

Then to display dates in user's timezone we just have to add difference to server's time.


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I think, that great disadvantage of punbb is posts control absence. Due to it forum is weak for moderation.
Please, add ability to move single posts between topics.

Punbb has mass delete capability. Why don't you add to the same place ability to move posts. Place button "move" near "delete".

I can help you. I have my own mod, which can perform it for 1.2.*

I checked your forum. It looks like OK.

I'm sorry, but it seems to me that I haven's accounted another one situation:
If a post, that is moved from any topic is younger, that any other post in the reception topic, post that is  moved also becomes first in reception topic... So, in the reception topic it is necessary to reindex old first pot and new (just moved) first post in this topic.

Good luck with new release!

Step by step:
I create topic "MovePost1"
First topic's post is "MovePostText1"
There i create a new post with text "MovePostText2"

Then i move post with text "MovePostText1" into just created a topic "MovePost2" (topic created by your mod)
So, post with text "MovePostText2" becomes first in topic "MovePost1", and this post must be reindexed in search tables as one that contains title ("MovePost1")

Now if i try to search text "MovePost1" i will see post with text "MovePostText1" BUT actually post "MovePostText1" has to be found by sarch query "MovePost2". But we have no text "MovePost2" in search tables sad

I made this experiment on your demo site.

Still same bug.

When i move first post from a topic the second one becomes first and has to be reindexed too.

You still have bug in Move Post 1.1.1 with search tables.

You don't account that search tables must be updated when post becomes or stops being first in topic. I mean subject_match field in search_words table. (last argument of update_search_index() function )

Another usefull modification:


    <div class="block">
    <h2 class="block2"><span>Restore complete</span></h2>

before, add:

    //regenrate all caches
    require_once PUN_ROOT.'include/cache.php';