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Yea my cousin has a server at his house with apache and I might get one soon too, I'll see if he can help me figure it out. Thanks for telling me what to look for!


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Ah, ok, thanks. Now to find hosting that lets you do that.....


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How does your PHP script to create the .mypunbb.com subdomain? Does it need specific hosting or something? Could you show me how you do it or something?


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pogenwurst wrote:
GregK wrote:

@pogenwurst: yeah, Terrible Ted wink

Awesome, I love Ted Nugent!

I've ridden in a car with him, have a gun with his signature on it, and a few pics with him. I win.


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Yea you NEED to move at least SOME of the posts out of the archive forum. Also, make some interesting topics in the forum categories to get people replying.


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PunBB: Not making the users online info table 90% of your database like SMF.

You don't run it through your site, the users just type in the url and it connects it.



1. Install the forum with a different db prefix/db

2. Edit the config.php to use the same prefix of your old db

That's all you need to do


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Add this mod and see if that gets rid of them.

Hey guys I finished up modding a PunBB installation and I figured I'd share. It's basically an installation of PunBB with 17 mods/plugins already installed and you just have to run through the PunBB installation and run the SQL preparation scripts for the mods. Some of the main mods it has are cash mod, arcade, downloads, and PMs. See the readme for a complete list. Also, I'm sorry about the filesize, had to include a few arcade games and stuff.

Here's the link on Punres: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=3031


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It's back up.

Ah, ok, I had it backwards. It was 1am lol


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uses punbb.

Also has the following mods:

-Install mod warning mod (tells you when there is an install_mod.php in your forum directory)

-Arcade mod (adds a flash game arcade which saves scores and rankings)

-Cash mod (modified a little, has lottery and donate in bank page)

-PM mod (allows users to send/recieve private messages to/from each other)

-Referral count mod (modified to work with punportal, allows users to send referral urls to their friends and if they register the user gets a referral)

-Pundownload Extra mod (modified a little, fixed location bar bug and added upload a file link)

-Board logo mod (modified a bit, made the image set in options able to be a url or in reference to pun_root and if field is left blank no image will be shown)

-PunPortal mod (modified a little to fix a couple bad links, adds a frontpage to your website, can be turned off)

-Admin logs mod (logs almost everything done by admins/mods)

-DB Management plugin (can be used to run SQL queries on your database, backup your database, and restore your database)

-Punrewrite mod (modifies URLs to have topic names in them, aka it changes www.com/viewtopic.php?id=5 to www.com/t5-topic-name.html)

-Users Online Today mod (modified a little, removed the users today number so it only lists users online today)

-Profile Times viewed mod (modified a little, changed text saying # of views to Profile Views: #)

-Image verification on signup mod (Can be enabled from admin options, adds image verification to signup)

-PunBB Text Editor Plugin (Allows you to edit files from ACP without logging on to FTP)

and my brilliant friend thought of the name PwnBB and I just might do some more modding and make something called PwnBB like MyBestBB and release it.

Ok, so I've been looking at the source of punbb a lot lately, and I came to a thought.

So all the links it gives to topics and stuff are based off of punroot, which is equivalent to wherever the user is viewing the forum from.

But then its include crap uses the configuration baseurl.

So I'd like to think that you could run a forum with same DB and everything from like 5 locations, and have one central one for the punbb config baseurl. Is there a flaw in my logic, or would this theoretically work?