well it seems only the line of code on line 317 works, at the moment its youtube but if i put the google code on that line it works and not youtube.

putting anything on line 318 doesnt work.


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dont worry solved it, used a proxy to visit and remove the ban.

i set up a test account and banned it as admin, i visited as the test account and now i cant logout of it and login as admin again.

what to do???

i cant even veiw the forum at all. as everytime i go there i get the banned message

goto bans

dont entre a user and hit ban, the you can entre an email adress.

i have it installed on 1.2.14

the install went fine but when anyone tries to post with or without a file attached they get an error that says

    *  Usernames must be at least 2 characters long. Please choose another (longer) username.
    * The e-mail address you entered is invalid.

iv searched for hrs but no luck

i got it installed on 1.2.14 as per the instructions and it seemed as if it would work but,

when anyone tires to post with or without an attachment an error says

-you have an invalid user name, must be more than 2 characters long
-you have a duplicate email adress

iv been searching for 3 hrs but could not find out why?

also punarcade is installed and when you click on a game it says

-Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated.

iv tried to add new games and they do not work either.

excellent work, just increased the the -50.

i have a member born in 52, but the drop down menu in profile only goes to 58.

anyone know where i can change it?


cool thanks, works a treat now.

i installed the youtube one first and it works fine, but google is right under it on the next line and does not work?

hi, iv seen a few posts close to this but none really do what i want.

i want to add a new option for members to add to in there profile that will be displayed under theyre name when they post

much like the location is

im not sure on all the places ill need to go edit


but it happens when i hit install to install the mod.

how can i skip it?

ok let me start off by saying im a dead set newbie with all this stuff.

i have tried everything i can from every topic on the probs with pms 1.2.2

i have 1.2.14 running and no matter what i do i get this on install

Line: 77

PunBB reported: Unable to add columns to table

Database reported: Duplicate column name 'g_pm' (Errno: 1060)
i have not found anywhere a definative answer to fix this.

is there one?

the first time i ran the install mod (after modding it ) it worked and i had it under the plugins in admin section, but there was no links or anything and no way to send a message.

so i re did it now i get that error.

please help before i pull my hair out!!!!!