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Topic: Arcade Mod

plz i need a donation of 10 dolars, i need money for my domian sad plz help me.

i will publishe the Arcade Mod in this day's because i need modify the games and finishing the part for administrators

the demo is here www.azakur4.com/Foros/arcade.php

The guest can play but the score doesn't save.

Arcade Mod Images

For Users:


For Administrators


Well, the games for this arcade mod are not compatible with the games of arcade mod for invision power board, and other forums, because the system of forums are diferents.

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Re: Arcade Mod

That certainly is pretty cool. Will you be including the flash games in the mod?

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It sounds like you need to read this thread...

ConnorHD said he was offering $30 for an Arcade Mod...

More Mods

Arcade Mod - $30

This is a mod that allows users to play flash games and gives out awards, keeps highscore tables etc. I'm leaving it pretty open ended as i don't have any specific ideas for it. But basically it needs to use the games from another arcade mod for phpbb, IPB, vbulletin as long as the games are free to download. If not then i guess the games will need to be made to work with this.

If you want to make this Please contact me before doing it

The link you posted didn't work for me...
...and I already have an Arcade System...

But other than that... I like this thread. Could an Arcade Mod be hitting punBB soon?! big_smile

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Re: Arcade Mod

umm well is interesting but my mod is doesn't finish yet.

the link is online now.

the persons that can't join to my webpage is because my server is down in the nights.

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Re: Arcade Mod

Hmm I want this big_smile

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Do you have any clue when this will be avaiable??? I sall some people talking about this on some other forums and they were done but there was to WAY TO MANY ERRORS from the saving scroes ect!

I am sure this will be a POPULAR DOWNLOAD!

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Re: Arcade Mod

Sounds great!

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