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I navigated to the site using Firefox and clicked "CHECK OUT THE NEW FEATURES IN THE TOUR" and that gave me this (which made my laugh):

I don't know. The words "Making the web work for you" and a completely busted page layout is fun to me smile

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HAHA. that is funny.

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Something not so funny... Have you seen on this beta (maybe the earlier beta)? Way of the plot... the funny thing is that worked fine. Weird!


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So, a Microsoft browser doesn't work. This is news?

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I installed it, and something interesting happened. I have IE "disabled" on my XP box, so I usually type http:// into "Windows Explorer" to bring up IE. After I applied the IE 7 Beta 2, it now brings up Firefox (my default browser) when I enter a URL into it. Very handy, and worth patching.


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I like the canned images of people having a grand time of it.

I wonder what the 'C' in the bottom right is for?


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I'm not allowed to run IE7 beta.

On my work laptop, Windows Genuine Disadvantage fails, even though I have a legal copy of Windows XP.

At home, it won't work becaues I have a 64-bit version of Windows and they only have a 32-bit IE7 beta. I have a 32 bit Windows too, but I'm not allowed to use it because I bought a new CPU.