Topic: Index link vanished

Notice along from where it says "Pages: 1" it should say Index with a link to the the forum index. … c.php?id=2

I did edit the main links bar to say "Forum Index" Instead of "Index" this must have caused it but how do I fix it?


Re: Index link vanished

Did you change the language file to this
'Forum Index' => 'Forum Index'
When you should have done this
'Index' => 'Forum Index'

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Re: Index link vanished

check your lang files. it should be in lang/English/common.php around line 114 unedited

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Re: Index link vanished

Ah, crap. Now it's gone from the title bar.

Re: Index link vanished

Guys what did I do wrong it's gone from the title bar now but back in the other place


Re: Index link vanished

You probably changed the name of the language file item in functions.php to $lang_common['Forum Index'].

You now have to change it back again.

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Re: Index link vanished

That worked. Thank you kindly.

Lol, looking at it now I prefer it just being Index so i've change it all back to the way it was. Good to know anyway.