Topic: help with Mark topics as read 1.1.3

i have posted over at punres but no one seems to be able to help or they are ignoring me lol.

anyways, ive installed the Mark topics as read 1.1.3 mod but cant get it to work properly on my forum.
the index page registers topics as read and changes the pic/symbol, but its not working in the viewforum.php.

would any other mods ive installed conflict with it as cause this problem?
mods installed are arcade 1.1, Easy BBCode 1.0.1, Easy Poll 1.1.3, easy smilies 1.0.5, PBB ChatBox 1.0, Private Message Mod 1.2.2, punuploadextra 1.1, skype profile extension 1.0, xfire profile extension 1.1, and Spoiler Mod 1.0.1
and im running pun 1.2.12

any help would be much appreciated smile

Re: help with Mark topics as read 1.1.3

It worked the same way for me when I had it installed. It may simply be the way it works - ask the author about it to be sure.

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