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I'm testing the 1.3-developement version of punBB and I've got few look&usability ideas.

links in the Admin Panel menu
it would be nice if similar links would be grouped - see this screenshot
Some text-size mini icons also could increase the ease of use smile (on screen also)
- Icons: I've used tango icons. See and for Tango and other icons.

extra navbar
There is extra top navbar marked red on the screenshot. It's rather pointless to display it on non-topic/forum pages smile

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Re: punBB 1.3 mockups

I disagree with you on all those points tongue
The grouping: no, it looks ugly.
The pictures: no, it are pictures, there's no need for them.
The navbar: it's finally as it should be and you're complaining? =/


Re: punBB 1.3 mockups

You are missing the point. The new markup and css coupled with custom templates makes the whole thing very flexible. All the changes you want you could do through the stylesheet in about 10 minutes. The idea is since its impossible to please everybody then make it flexible enough for everybody to please themselves.

Re: punBB 1.3 mockups

Have I missed something here?

Seems to be more posts regarding 1.3 lately... Have I missed some progression??


Re: punBB 1.3 mockups

StevenBullen wrote:

Have I missed something here?...

Nope. Just keep checking svn if you want to know the current state of things.