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Topic: help to add a combo menu


I try to add on the rigth side of "Logged in as fpouget" a combonmenu with the following actions :

    Show new posts since last visit
    Show recent posts
    Show unanswered posts
    Show your subscribed topics
    Show your posts
    Mark all topics as read

Most of my users don't know this options very usefull to navigate and I hope they will be more visible and used on the top of the screen (see picture behind the link)

My concern is I can not manage a properly display, I play a lot with the CSS but without success so far.
Any idea how I can allign the menu on the right side of the block ?

Bellow the interpreted code

<div class="conr">
    <form id="qjump" method="get" action="search.php">
        <SELECT NAME="UrlList" onChange="ModifyUrl(this.form)">
        <option selected="selected" value="0">   -  Easy navigation  -   </option>
        <option value="search.php?action=show_new"> Show new posts since last visit</option>
        <option value="search.php?action=show_24h""> Show recent posts</option>
        <option value="search.php?action=show_subscriptions"> Show your subscribed topics</option>
        <option value="search.php?action=show_user&user_id=XX"> Show your posts</option>
        <option value="misc.php?action=markread"> Mark all topics as read</option>
<div class="clearer"></div>

Edit : Strange impossible to add the image in the post ...

Re: help to add a combo menu

Try adding a margin-right.
And why are you using capitalised tags? It's not XHTML valid.

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Re: help to add a combo menu

No more capitalised tags (just to enjoyed elbekko tongue )
And, more important,  I fix my pb in changing the form id to 'qsel' and adding in base.css

#qsel SELECT {WIDTH: 200px}