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Topic: style problem since .14 update

the edit, quote, del etc link that are usually aligned right in the postfootright div are for some reason now on the left, and i cant figure out why.

ive uploaded a new base.css tried the old one, but nothing.
it says in it
DIV.postfootright, P.multidelete {TEXT-ALIGN: right}

so i dont understand whats going on


Re: style problem since .14 update

Do you see the problem on this site or any other PunBB forum. If not, we need a link to your forum. Also, which browsers have the problem.

Re: style problem since .14 update

well its fine now, but other people have seen the problem, and it happened on ie. it didnt happen on here or punres either.
the url is www.rustyjoystick.com/forum if you want to have a look.

hopefully its sorted itself out though