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Hi guys,

I just installed the Miniportal today and think it's fab btw.. Anyway, one thing was bugging me, the fact that the sidebar appeared on the whole forum.. So I played around and found a little fix...
You need to make sure you have the stock template saved in the template dir under forum.tpl, or change the script to suit you.

Open header.php


    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/main.tpl');

before add:

else if (defined('forum'))
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/forum.tpl');

Then every page you define as a 'forum' page will use the standard template (the forum.tpl is the stock template I re-named).

Just add

define('forum', 1);

at the start of viewforum.php, viewtopic.php and your forums base php file.

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Re: Miniportal trick

I've just realised, that now, in the files that were altered you cannot see links for:

"Show new posts since last visit"
"Mark all forums as read"

not sure how to fix this one so if somebody could help that would be great!


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You could also justt create a new template and leave main.tpl as it is and jsut call for the new template on index.php.

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Okay, now I'm really stumbled..

I've removed the define('forum, 1'); and the code from the header, so it's like standard stuff with the mini portal so i could try and fix it.. but even though all the stuff is back to how it was the Show new posts and mark all posts as read links still don't appear?!

somebody help !! eek!


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check to make sure that <pun_status> is in the tpl file.....if not add it

Re: Miniportal trick

Yep it's in there, it's the first thing I checked:S

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tell me if you can see it

it's not just me is it?


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you have been golden the whole time tongue cause i can see <pun_status>

Btw thanks for using my edited version of oxygen

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You can see the links on the forum, and viewtopic.php ?! I can't :S.. none of my other members can either actually..
and thanks for making that version of oxygen mate it's lovely.


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oh nevermind no i can not see the might want to take a look at header.php under <pun_status>