Topic: Your favorite database?

Your favorite database? on linux.inet.hr

I voted to Firebird.

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Re: Your favorite database?

I'm pretty much tied between MySQL and PostgreSQL... but voted for MySQL since that's what I use the most. I haven't really had a chance (read: I'm too lazy) to try out other databases.

Re: Your favorite database?

Went for MySQL, as I still haven't really tested out many others...

Re: Your favorite database?

I picked MySQL as well, but mainly because it's the database I am most comfortable with. I am quite aware that it lacks certain "enterprise features", but that doesn't really affect me. I also like the fact that MySQL works just as well on Windows as it does in *NIX-like operating systems.

I'm pretty intimate with MSSQL as well (which wasn't even on the list, I might add), but with MSSQL, I never quite feel as if I'm in full control.

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Re: Your favorite database?

I really want to test out Sybase, but I never got it to work either with the dev version on Windows or the free version on Linux... sad

*goes off to try again*