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Topic: Thanks for PUNBB

I didn't search for this first tongue

Thanks to the PunBB team for a great product. I have been through many forum packages, and spent way too many hours evaluating and going halfway or three quarter way to finish before realising that it was not for me. The package has been easy to theme and alter. It's much more preferable to add to a solution than to laboriously snip off bits that you don't want. So thanks again for your brilliance of concept, the hard work and the fine product.

I am launching the website over the weekend, but here's the pre-live (and incomplete) version: http://www.riverstonelounge.co.nz/forums

My hacking at the board with a blunt machete, I'm sure is wrong in many places, but that's for another thread.

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That looks really nice smile


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What you've gotten done so far looks great! Be sure to mention the complete version in the "Show off" forum.

Looking for a certain modification for your forum? Please take a look here before posting.

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I'll be sure to. I am going to have to get some input on bit and pieces that I'm not sure about. Thanks for the comments.

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I have only viewed this on a Mac with Safari, Firefox and Camino. Can I get some reports from IE various versions, please? Ta.

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A few things in IE6: http://www.addressthatissue.com/stuff/river.png

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You might find this site useful: http://browsershots.org/ wink

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Thanks Jansson, Jarkko. Browsershots looks useful, but seems to only be for Linux.