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Mediator wrote:

Unfortunatly java did it first, and better. Java's libraries actually make sense and don't look like they have been organized by a group of retarded monkies. :\, Anything .NET can do java can reproduce faster, and more efficiently. You still cannot find a truely cross-platform JIT for .NET, whether you think mono works or not.

I'd like to see a file pointer to an alternate data stream be created natively and used as though it were a normal file object in java.  not trying to knock it, I started out doing java and still like the language.  IMO without the abstraction layer of the virtual machine .net is going to perform better on a windows machine than a java app because it worked directly with the os.  I do understand that the sdk for a windows and unix os implement the framework differently to take advantage of the specific machine, but I've yet to see that level of support in java


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There is another point make .NET better it is multi languages (C#, VB, Delphi.NET) all of them can generate IDL, and i think it is the fall of Java creator, i know it is just syntax, but programming language it in last is a syntax.

There is pascal can generate pure Java application

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Re: php + .net = greatness

Rickard wrote:

That's funny. I was going to mention Azureus as an app that is such a resource hog, it is virtually unusable. The fact that its UI suffers from a bad case of "programmers art" doesn't help. I mean, come on, look at this.

Hmm... I dunno then, Azureus runs as fast as any other torrent application on my xp pro machine, which is 4 years old. I'm not exactly sure why it is so bad for you, oh well. I still prefer java.

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dont get me wrong, I still use java as part of my normal 9-5 (we have a custom SOLR--which is an extended lucene--search engine, as well as some web services doing SSO here at work).  extensibility is a big point though.  .net is very extensible, as the point of this thread was supposed to show, that it gives you a much higher degree of flexibility and lets you to write java, delphi, pascal, python, php, vb, C++, C#, and a ton of other languages that you are already familiar with. 

a couple of things that I could never stand about java though is not being able to declare (or override) operators, use pointers, or have data structures that acted like primitives.  One thing that drove me nuts about C++ was having to re-invent the wheel every time you started an application where you couldn't borrow code from other projects you did, that and the gratuitous misuse of macro's by C coders who refused to learn object oriented programming.  Java showed that a much more graceful way of coding can be done at nearly the same (if not better) than the way things had been being done in C or C++.  C# to me is more like a cleaner (albeit watered down) version of C++, which gives you some of the nice things we all liked about java, but put the developer back in control over the total development experience.

Re: php + .net = greatness

MadHatter wrote:

Java showed that a much more graceful way of coding can be done at nearly the same (if not better) than the way things had been being done in C or C++.

I agree. The thing like the most about Java is the language itself. It's elegant. That fact that they steered away from multiple inheritance is another plus in my book.

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