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i've forgot admin's password
i used to know there is a script reset the password where it is?

Re: forgot password

The password is stored in the database and is normally encrypted. If "subscribe to topic" works on your forums (ie: e-mail) then you should be able to request a password reset on your forum (done by sending an e-mail to that accounts registered e-mail address).

Click "login" then "forgot password" then type in the e-mail address of the admin user.

Also, AFAIK any admin can reset any other admins password.

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Re: forgot password

or you can create a new user, then go into the database and change its group id to 1 (admin) and then change your main password via that.

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format c:/s/q

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Re: forgot password

- go to MySQL via PHPMyAdmin
- find admin at USER table
- see the email or change manually to active mail
- and now, use the Forgotten Password sent to email above
- reset and done! smile

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Re: forgot password

here's a handy little tool I take with me everywhere I go.


its a hash calculator.  so if you forget your password, you can log into your database and set a new one. 

check the lengths of the password fields in the database, if they're 32 characters long, use the md5 value, otherwise use sha 160.

type in a new password in the text: box and check off the appropriate hash function, and press calculate.  convert the upper case letters to lowercase, and update your password field in the database with the new hash, then log in using the new password.

Re: forgot password

MadHatter: MySQL has MD5 and SHA1 functions built in


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