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Topic: Advertisement Box

Before I start, I'd like you to know that YES, I HAVE SEEN (SMARTYS?) ADSENSE MOD. (oh and NO, I don't want it)

Alright, so what I want basically is an advertisement box shown ONLY for a certain usergroup. (DONE)
My current theme is oxygen, but I want the other box to be the Lithium colour (#7EA34B) (STUCK)
I want one to be inbetween the first and second post. (STUCK)

I basically have the code, I just need to change the box's colour and slot it between the first and second post on each thread.


    if ($pun_user['g_id'] == PUN_MEMBER)
    <br />
        <div class="box">
            <div class="inbox">
            <p>My advertisement text/banner code here</a></p>

Please helP!

Re: Advertisement Box

So, why not just use my code and modify it to suit your needs? tongue


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Re: Advertisement Box

or Extra Boxes has similar functionality. http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=57 should be the link

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Re: Advertisement Box

I have modded the affiliates mod that displays rotating banners on any page the code is pasted to. no longer does it
place the images in the menu block.
I will upload the files very soon. and also it gives a link for people to place the code on there site.


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