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Well, I don't know if this is possible at all....

...is it possible to have the whole forum with all entries translated automatically to another language?

Let's say the user can choose a english or a german "mirror"  version of the forum.
If a german writes anything into the german forum it will be translated and set into the english forum and via versa.

...or another workaround - If I have a "mixed" forum with english and german entries, would it be possible to add an button to the entry to have it translated with google or altavista?

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I did this once on a Spanish board with a button that translated posts into English through babelfish. However, the translation can never be perfect and you still had to put pieces together in order to make any sense out of it (especially if there's misspelled words in the original language).

Anyway, this won't be implemented in PunBB and I don't think we'll ever see an official extension either. But it's possible to do.


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Thank's Jansson - so this is more a "modification thing",
would you mind telling me how you did it, cause I would like to use one Board for those languages?

Btw. if I have you online, I still have this problem: 


...and it seems nobody know a solution, but maybe you?

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i know this is off the path but i use google toolbar for translation it seem to work very good for me.


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Well, I would like to have it integrated in the forum - maybe like this:



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where could I find help to make this possible? I think it would be a nice feature, cause you don't have to copy and paste the text into some "new" site - it takes the text from the enty and you can choose in which languages you want to have it translated.
Don't have to be a popup window it could also be a div appearing....