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Ok well I have read how the beta should not be used in realtime just yet as youtr actual board. I understand this and obviously that makes sense. Currently im starting a new project which involves using a forums and punbb is my choice of forums. So with that said, since 1.3 shouldn't be used the next best thing would be 1.2.17. In the end I really want to have 1.3 as my board when beta is over so my question is will there be a simple way to go from 1.2.17 or whatever the 1.2.* is at the time to the 1.3 first release? Because this board is one where I may be dealing with many members and post/topics and I need to be sure I can properly move these in an easy fashion. With that said if the answer is yes could someone explain what way it will be done just so I have the idea of whats happening ahead of time. Im sure the answer is yes im just getting all information now so I can get started.

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Yes, upgrading should be simple and painless.
You'll replace all the PHP files for the forum and run a script to upgrade the database.

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just in case you don't use a lot of hacks in your 1.2.* smile

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but i have a question ... if u use alooooooooooot of mods in 1.2 will be copy be upgradded when u run that script ///

and when upgraded alot of tables that are created by mods of 1.2 , how it will be removed ...  is Now Online!